Is Chanel BEAUTE' INITIALE line is good?

  1. I'm considering to purchase this line because it is recommended for people age between 25-35. Anyone use it? and Is it good?

    Thanks a lot! :flowers:
  2. their eye cream really stings :sad: and it smells sooo perfumey
  3. I use the Beaute Initiale Energising Multi-Protection Cream SPF15 as a night moisturiser and think it's good so far. It smells divine too!

    This range is for people who want anti-aging and radiance.
  4. I actually found the eye cream good. I've got a sample, and I think that the texture and feel of it is great!
  5. I've been using the eye cream and moisturizer for about 2 weeks now...seems to be working well. My skin is more radiant but I still have an issue with oily t zone...I would ask for a couple samples before purchasing from the line.
  6. I use their sublimage eye and face creams and swear by them and I use their Precision for cleansers and toners. I switched years ago from Clinique and a few others and love my Chanel now!
  7. i have a few samples of the face & eyecreams but they smell too perfumy for me as well. i'm still addicted to sublimage though
  8. I think to buy a sublimage too but I have an oily on T zone and I think the sublimage is for an older age. :lol: I'm a bit crazy but I think if I use it now, so what I will use next time when I'm at 35? 40? 50?

    The price of sublimage is closed to those $$ Sisley, Lamer and La P. too. Still wonder that its results are popular as those brands I have mentioned or not.
  9. ^^ i am 25 and i use sublimage. the eye cream is totally tdf and i love the face cream too. it is especially nourishing in the winter.