is chanel able to repair????

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  1. Hi ladies! i have a question and hopefully you can help me out. Can the chanel boutique replace a screw that fell off from a GST where the handle is? even with no receipt? TIA!:smile:
  2. Yes- I just had a similar thing replaced on my PST. The screws in the ring that joined the handle and the purse came loose and got lost. If you've bought it in the past year, the fix should even be free. But even if you don't have the receipt, they shouldn't have any trouble fixing it, but they may charge you.
  3. My PST did the same thing...does anyone know how much it costs if the bag is older than one year?
  4. thanks ladies for responding. does anyone know how much it will costs to repair?
  5. There will be absolutely no cost to replace the screw. Most Chanel boutiques have them right there in the shop. You shouldn't even have to leave your bag. It's one of those on the spot fixes. My Mom lost the same screw out of hers. We happened to be in the boutique shopping last month and she was carrying the bag (she's had it a couple of years). I remembered and mentioned it to the staff. They couldn't get it fixed fast enough for her right then and there while we shopped! I offered to pay, but they were adamant that there was no charge. They also gave her an 'extra' for just in case it happens again so she won't have to bring it in.
    Two weeks ago, I took one of my own bags in (to a different Chanel location) that was missing a screw and again they fixed it on the spot, no charge. It was a vintage bag, many years old.
  6. Hi! Chanel most definitely will repair. If you are in New England area, I called the Boston Boutique. They fixed my patent coco cabas (it was severely scratched across the front). They sent it to the Manhattan store, and within 3 weeks I had a fedex package on my front door- from CHANEL! They did a FANTASTIC job!!
  7. Oh...and no charge! They just thanked me for shopping with them (I also got a $100.00 coupon from the Boston store a week or so later!)
  8. oh wow! thank you ladies, i really appreciate your help!
  9. No problem! I hope you can get your bag fixed and back in the limelight!