Is Cerises completely sold out?

  1. Are there still some new Cerises pieces out there?(in stores) I know it's a shot in the dark, but hey...I did score a Coeur and I didn't think I'd get one! :wlae: I prefer to buy new so there's no question of authenticity, but I'm afraid I might have to resort to eBay, or the like.:shrugs:

  2. as far as I know, I believe they have been sold out. good luck in finding one!
  3. Definitely none in stores.
  4. i would like to find new cerise speedy too..:sad:
  5. Looks like you'll have to resort to eBay. but there's a Cerise Wallet on Let Trade (but its used).
  6. cerises was LE so only avaylable for a short time
  7. That was sold out a LONG time ago!! But you can get one from a reseller!
  8. You won't find one in store sorry sold out long ago.
  9. Yup...all gone...But you could always use all the wonderful resources at TPF to help you find what you're looking for on Ebay...good luck!!
  10. Way back in August 866 Vuitton said there were still a few pieces floating around such as the Sac Plat and Keepall.
  11. :yes: There are a few Panda pieces out there too, 866 is your best bet.
  12. They are no longer being sold in stores since they were a Limited Edition line. You could try ebay? Just be careful who you buy from. Good Luck! :flowers:
  13. i also think ebay is your only option. just make sure that it is authentic! good luck.
  14. They would have been brought back by LV by now.
  15. ebay only