Is calf leather lower maintenance than lambskin?

  1. Does anyone know if the distressed calf leather of the reissues easier is to care for than lambskin? I'm afraid of scratches from long fingernails.Also for those who use the metallic resissues regularly, has anyone had colour rub-off/discolouration problems? TIA!
  2. Calfskin is definitely less maintenance than lambskin.
  3. I have a black 227 metallic reissue that I have used a lot. I love it and it is very durable. I have had absolutely no color transfer or discoloration. It looks as good as it did the day I bought it.
  4. I went to the Chanel Boutique today to compare the 2.
    Lambskin is definitely softer and more prone to scratches than calf leather.
    The caviar is very durable.
    Also I noticed that for the new 2008 bags they have changed the feeling of the calf leather somewhat. It feels a lot softer than those on the classic flap bags...
  5. metallic calfskin is waaaaaaaaaaay more low maintenance than lambskin. so far, my black metallic have no discoloration, no scratches, no flaws at all! it's one of my all-time favorite bags to use. :yes:
  6. Hey, do any of you know if they do the classic chanel flap in calf leather, and if so where could I get it.. would they have it in the chanel store? (I am currently in London)