Is Cabby Mm Similar To Balenciaga City In Size?

  1. just wondering if the bag shape and size are similar? finding it very difficult to get any info on the cabby dimensions.
  2. The Neo Cabby is slightly larger; a few inches taller than the Balenciaga City and the width is wider.

    I have both and think they are both good sized bags.
  3. i am sooooooo glad to hear that it's bigger than the city!! thanks so much for the info,becca:smile:

    just to confirm, yours is medium sized balenciaga and not the first?
  4. forgot to ask, if it's not too much trouble, could you measure the exact dimensions, in inches,the length and height of your cabby?
  5. If you like the city, you will love the cabby, same shoulder strap and double handle. I shold be getting mine tomarrow , cant wait , but it looks taller and fuller than the city.
  6. Ohhh that is good to know! I didn't think of comparing it to a city!
  7. Yep, if you like the city, you'll like the cabby. I have both and they're comparable.
  8. actually, i think the city is a tad bid small. i love the work size bag...if the cabby is bigger than the city, then it would be perfect!
  9. I just measured my's about 15 inches across and 10 1/2 inches in height. These aren't's kind of awkward to measure across because of the way it sticks out.