is cabas piano worth buying?

  1. help me!thinking of buying this bag, i need a shoulder u think its worth it?or popincourt haut is good enough?:confused1:
  2. Hmm... I'm more of a fan of the Popincourt Haut... you won't have to worry about the vachetta bottom.
  3. I like the Batignolles Horizontal much much better - no vachetta on the bottom to worry about. What about that one?
  4. Same fear here...I love the cabas piano, but the vachetta bottom always holds me back.
  5. ermm my mother in law carries the fake one of u think its alrite for me to buy one? :p
  6. I love my cabas piano, it was my first LV purchase. Its definitely an everyday bag. Perfect size, zipper closure, and just a great bag.
    I also like the popincourt haut, so cute but its a little smaller. The batignolles horizintal is very pretty, but it has a snap hook closure, which would worry me that my items can fall out of my purse.

    Go for the cabas piano!

    Good luck!
  7. Soo funny you should bring this up misselvee as I had been contemplating the same thing as I already own the Pop Haut but yet I love the Cabas Piano. I think the vachetta bottom is the big hold up for me, so I'm considering doing a SO of either Damier Cabas Piano or Mezzo as they have a darker bottom. But if the vachetta doesn't bother you then I would say go for it if you really like the style.
  8. Cabas Piano, the balls on the popincourt kind of annoy me and the batignolles is nice and all but it seems like you would like the security of a zipper...
  9. Yes, it's worth buying! I owned one, and I adored it. I bought it pre-owned, so the vachetta had already patina-ed and I wasn't worried about getting the bottom dirty. It's extremely comfortable on the shoulder, and very functional. I remember someone here saying that it was a "workhorse" of a bag. I completely agree. I used mine to death, and I dearly miss it! :love:
  10. I like the cabas piano.
  11. I love my cabas piano, and I also purchased mine preowned. I don't worry about the vachetta too much, but I'm very careful of where my purse gets sat down. I think its a perfect size shoulder bag and I've been pretty pleased with it. If you don't mind preowned then I'd suggest getting that where you won't have to worry about the vachetta.:yes:
  12. double post
  13. Piano is a great bag, bigger then the popincourt haut. Less worry with the PH then the piano. Over all both bags are great.
  14. Cabas Piano is very classic... Popincourt would drive me crazy even though it's cute it does not hold very much.
  15. I love and always have loved the cabas piano. I was always more of a handheld bag type of person - loved the speedies, trouvilles, etc - but I wanted at least 1 shoulder bag so I bought the cabas piano - and I love it. Mine's from 2005, and it's developed a nice light patina. If you spray it with apple garde/stain repellant you really won't have much of a problem. The bottom of my bag is even and a nice light honey color

    I have pics of me and mine in the visual aids thread - 2nd to last page.