Is BV wallet 'tough enough'?

  1. I am looking for a wallet for daily use (and abuse). I want a French wallet style so I can fit it in small bags, and I learn a few things are important:

    A. Indonesian currencies make you carries a lot of bills (i.e. 1USD is 13,000 Indo rupiah) and it is largely still a cash society so I need to carry cash --- this makes a tri-fold wallet looks very bulky and ugly! I have a beautiful red LV but always look overstuffed as a result of the above.

    B. Given my corporate life, I carry receipts around. Every week I move it to a separate pouch, but as a result I tend to overstuff my wallet.

    C. I really don't baby my wallet, and it is the most frequent thing going in and out my bag. I have this beautiful pink Miumiu that works very well for the above needs, but the edge starts to peel within 6 weeks of usage to my grief! The leather is probably too soft and I stretch the wallet too much, so now I store it for 'special occasion' and use my old MK saffiano wallet.

    D. Ideally I want a bright color wallet --- easy to find and ensure that you don't miss them when you change bags! But this is not a deal breaker, more of an ideal.

    So my question to you, the experts (not only in BV but also broadly in wallets!), what brand should I explore? I am open to suggestions --- I know I am in BV forum but you all have been very fair so I trust you!

    And would BV wallet live up to the expectation above?

    I saw this in BV website --- the shape looks ideal for (A) and (B) needs above, though color is not. But I am not sure about the toughness? And if yes, which one is better, calf or nappa?

  2. Phio, I took some quick snaps and shared an update in the thread that Von shared above. Hope it will be helpful to you. Having owned a nappa before, I prefer calf. The same wallet is also available at MatchesFashion, a metallic, and in the color Denim. I had read from the ladies here that their metallic pieces wear very well though personally, I have had no experience with metallic SLGs.
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  3. I have this wallet in black and it has held up beautifully. No visible signs of wear on the leather. The one thing I am not a fan is the zipper pull tab. It doesn't lie flat and flops around. I have found this to be a bit of an annoyance but otherwise this is a hardy wallet. I use it as an everyday wallet; it gets thrown around and shoved into my bag and so far no dings or tips or scratches. I don't know what it would be like in another color.
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  4. Thank you for all the inputs!

    @fenzied I checked your other post, very helpfuk

    @kate2828 I love your comments on the no scratches/dings, that's the kind of wallet I need. Though still a bit worried as some others do not have the same experience...
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  5. Funny you bring this up because I've decided that as gorgeous as the colors are, and as much as I liked my 'innards' to match my bag, I am a bit tired of how BV wallets wear. No damage per se, but the ends of many of my Napa wallets curl a bit, the weaving can catch, lighter colors can show use, and the corners do scuff. I had LV monogram SLGs before and those wear like iron. In fact, I had a French purse that I had for 10 years and it looked absolutely fantastic. So much so that I bought a small LV Victorine in Barcelona to match the other LV SLGs I got last year. I'll use those on a daily basis and just use a BV SLG every now and then.
  6. Thanks Grietje. Great inputs. Definitely not Nappa, will check on the Calf but also other brands. LV does not have the French wallet style that I want unfortunately. Thinking of Prada or Gucci canvas (love the Bloom) now.
  7. Want to update my BV friends on what I finally decide. As you can imagine by now , I have compared so many brands --- BV, Prada, LV, Miu Miu, Burberry, Coach, LC, Gucci --- any brand that has compact wallet! I

    Yesterday I stopped by LV again, and the SA showed me this Victorine DE. I saw the monogram one and did not like it, so never asked the SA further in the previous visit. But the red lining and it's cute red button really gets me because all my bag innards are red. And the red looks very nice with the DE pattern. I tried putting all of the bills and receipts I have. It magically fits with good space for the cards.

    Left the shop and as usual, I took 24 hours to think. Finally I think:
    A. the most important aspect is 'small wallet that can stand use and abuse'
    B. I am definitely a 'classic lovers' --- the bag that gets most used are classic bags --- so buying seasonal items won't last me long
    C. Every review I see, including Grietje's above, points towards the durability of LV wallets

    So I caved in and brought this cutie home...
  8. Very very nice. I've always preferred the DE pattern - and with this touch of red,
    très bien!
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  9. Good choice! I recently got a monogram Emily wth rose poudre lining to go inside my Tahitienne Neverfull. It's so easy to use and feels great in the hand.

    I kept meaning to post here about it earlier. I have a beautiful large BV wallet. It gets a little more beat up than I'd like. I decided to pamper it and give it a break. It will definitely be coming wth me to the Las Vegas Meet Up though.
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  10. Thank you!
  11. Thank you! I also love Neverfull --- I got the MM one in DE and it was my 'baby bag' when my son is still very small. It has not been used as much these days since my son gets older and I can afford beautiful leathers. But I still keep it because it brings great memories! Congrats on your Emilie --- Rose poudre is a beautiful shade.....
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    I have Monogram with fuchsia lining LV SLGs. I bought the Mono Victorine in Barcelona and am using that now! It's a great little wallet!
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  13. DE is my favourite LV print. The red pairs beautifully with the print. Congrats on getting a wallet that matches your needs.
  14. Thank you! Thanks for all the help in finding the right wallet for me. And I am glad to hear from you again