Is BT0716 a real Prada model?

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  1. I purchased a pre-owned bag and the cards say BT0716 Tessuto Bandoliera Corinto. I am really worried this is a fake but don't have the ability to take pics of it (before the deadline to return it tomorrow) to authenticate so I just wanted to see if this is even a real model to begin with.

  2. Then you should return it. No one can determine authenticity without multiple, detailed photographs. Sorry.
  3. I did, however I am still wondering if BT0716 is a model that exists in the Prada world.
  4. Is this what you had?
  5. Looked identical to all of the photos online of those bags. I just couldn't find anything about it on here or on reputable sites that I know so I was very weary of it being a super fake as overall the quality was very good minus some stitching looked a little off...
  6. The pictures in the listing aren't great, but it appears as if it might be authentic. Can't be sure without detailed close up photos though.
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