Is brown still in for fall/winter?

  1. I've heard black is the hot color, what about brown? I have a new burberry jacket in brown I bought last year and I didn't even wear it, I hope it's still an "in" color.
  2. I don't see why not? I've seen several really great fall items in some stores around here in brown. I recently purchased a Juicy Couture dress for the fall in both brown and plum. I think browns and purples (as evidenced by the Emmys last night) are still really great this year.

    Again, if you really love something, you should wear it, regardless of what style or color it is in.
  3. I think that brown will always be nice for fall/winter.

    Anyway -- black, brown, and grey have all been written up for the coming season.
  4. Honestly, brown, black and grey will always be timeless, classic choices for F/W. They just get promoted and pushed around in priorities year to year :graucho: . If anyone ever pooh-pooh'd me for wearing my black overcoat in a year that chocolate was all the rage I'd tell 'em to go fly a kite, if you know what I mean!

    Enjoy your coat!
  5. I agree, brown's always in, especially in a classic piece like Burberry outerwear.
  6. exactly. dont sweat it, you'll look amazing and totally 'in' in it.
  7. Brown, especially greyish brown, is definitely still in! :yes:

    They're pushing grey, (not black - even though it appeared at least as often on the runways), over here, as the must-have 'colour' (or lack of it!), this season.

    Just goes to show how subjective it can be. :biggrin:

    Edited to add: I think they like to ring the changes; black and blue were the colours for last A/W, so even though they are still very prevalent this season, they (meaning Vogue!) are promoting grey and red, instead.

    If you get a few spare hours, go to and try counting the number of times colours appear in different R-T-W shows and you should see what I mean! ;)
  8. I wear chocolate brown all year long :smile:
  9. Plum color juicy? SuLi was there suits in that shade or was it just the dresses?

    Thanks :smile:
  10. ^I've seen track suits I'm ALMOST positive!
  11. I think brown is a fantastic fall/winter color. As a matter of fact, it's great for the whole year. Rock that jacket!:supacool: (especially Burberry):graucho: