Is Britney prego again?

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  1. Well, this is celebrity gossip - I just heard someone on TV say that Britney Spears was pregnant again! Has anyone else heard that?
  2. Yeah, the rag mags have been saying it for a while.. I HOPE she's not!!
  3. Either she hasn't lost the baby weight yet or she is preggo. I hope she not too. She need to drop that loser and make a comeback!
  4. I read that a few weeks ago. We'll find out soon enough.
  5. Yeah I agree, in the latest pics of her in a swimsuit she does look like she may be prego --- I too hope not , she needs to bond with the one she already has IMO
  6. Why bother - she'll just get the nanny to bond with him for her. :suspiciou
  7. Oh really ? That's pretty fast.. personally, I would want to give my body a bigger break than that before popping out a second. I wonder if the Federlines relationship is really as sketchy as the mags make it out to be.. I hope not, for Britney and baby (and perhaps baby to be)'s sake !
  8. I hope not. She shouldn't be breeding :suspiciou
  9. hahah Christina! I second that.
  10. I saw her on one of the Celeb "shows" last night (Extra-Extra ... whatever), anyhow, they were showing her re: her skit on Will & Grace. She had this WAY TOO TIGHT red dress on ... either she has not lost the baby pouch, or she is pregnant again. For someone who used to have a very flat abdomen, she has either totally succumbed to the "trash" look, or she is going to pop out another one (UGGH!).
  11. yeah, you're not supposed to have another baby until after 2 years because that's how long it takes your body to recover from the first one. Your body will NEVER look the same if you have them so close together. I had an IUD "installed" :lol: so It would take atleast 2 years until I have another baby. I can wait up to 5 years if I would like. It costs me $500 and it's the MOST effective birth control at 99.95% and the best part there are no hormones. No more babies for a while then after the next, he's getting the ol' snipperoo.
  12. I heard somewhere that she stopped breastfeeding so now she's packing back her lbs. I SO hope this is true!
  13. OH NO!!!!

    "I'm pregnant!" revealed the 24 year-old pop star to another woman in the spa at Maui's Four Seasons Hotel where Britney, Kevin and their baby son are staying.

    Federline, 27, also delivered the bombshell baby news to a friend, who told Star: "Kevin said, 'Britney's pregnant again,' and when I expressed surprise he said, 'Yeah, it shocked the sh-- out of me too.'"
  14. she brought it on herself. And she does look about 3-4 mos pregnant in that picture.
  15. Urgh. Trailer trash should be prevented to breed...