Is Britney Carrying a Fake Chanel?

  1. I'm not a Chanel expert, but the logo on the flap sure looks off... Is my intuition correct?? If so, :tdown:

  2. Yep....
  3. Somehow this doesn't surprise me... sad...
  4. oh my!:wtf:
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    that's sooo britney
  6. A fake Chanel is the very least of her worries methinks;):smile:
  7. Yeah, I guess it's better for her to save up for all the child support she's gonna owe K-Fed... hehe
  8. It's not really a fake. It's one of those designer inspired bags you see hanging in mall kiosks. It's doesn't have a Chanel logo on it anywhere. It has two interlocking O's where the C's would be. I wonder if the "Hermes" bag she was carrying before comes from the same place?
  9. that imtation "chanel says a lot about the person wearing it....I used to like Britney I wonder what the hell happened?
  10. :yucky::yucky:
  11. It is a fine line between fake and designer inspired. Either way that just looks terrible. Like Article3 pointed out the logo is off. Way off. She needs to go back to the booth in the mall and get her $$ back!
  12. I don't understand why she would do this though. She has more money then like 99% of us.
  13. Ladies, she is simply trying to save money for the future (therapy sessions) of her children.

  14. Yeah there are a lot of store now selling bags that look like a chanel but have no symbol. My cousin has seen a lot at forever 21 and target.
  15. They'll surely need therapy sessions