is bridgit for everyday use or evening?

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  1. hi

    after reading threads on bridgit, i 'm in search for one. My one question, is this more an everyday bag or more for an evening bag. Is the teal or rose color still available? thanks
  2. Both! Classic, sophisticated, casual and conservative. I've worn w/jean pants and skirts and dresses. Call Jax and see if they have stock, give them the number and ask what colors are available.
  3. I use it for both, all colors, and even the platinum. It's really nice to carry around because it's so small and to me very light in comparision to the bigger Legacy bags. It's also so stylish that I never carry one that I don't get compliments on the bag. Some people even think it's Chanel, lol.

    As for your question, both colors have been on and off transferred to the outlet. I think most likely that almost all the stock has already been transferred because when I called several weeks ago, there were a few outlets that were receiving shipments of the teal color (this was probably at the last website change before this one). The rose had already been seen prior to that.

    They might still have some at JAX or boutiques, although I know they pulled the camel color yesterday, I would say rather than paying retail, check your outlet. You can have them do a nationwide search as well as an "in transit" search, and some outlets might do charge sends or charge holds. If you get your name on the list, they will call you when they get one (assuming you are at the top of your queue). Good luck!
  4. My SA was showing me the up-and-coming pages that will be in the look book, and I swear bridgit was in there, in a few new shades.

  5. They are the new Garcia. So far only black, amethyst, and bottle green. They may release more in the other Legacy colors too later on I guess, but I was told they are stopping at those colors. I'm not sure I believe that! :shrugs:
  6. Both!!
  7. Ive seen a lady carry this bag IRL, and it's actually a lot bigger than I thought!!
    I think my Aunt has this bag too, and she uses it for everyday use.
    So yeah, go for both ways! Everyday and night!

  8. thanks for all the responds. I will call a few outlets to check on its status. '
    Baglady39! i saw that you have the whole collection of bridgit. do you mind if i ask what would you pick b/t rose or teal color? And also how much is the outlet price if anyone knows. thanks