Is brass used for limited edition SLGs?

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  1. I asked this question in the brass thread but no reply yet so I figured maybe I need my own thread.

    I'm wondering if LV uses brass or "gold colored metal" for their limited edition items, in particular the small leather goods like the mini pochettes.

    If the answer is that they currently don't use brass, does anyone know if they ever did use brass for the LE SLGs or was it always just gold colored metal?

    Thank you!
  2. Most of the bags and SLGs in the LV lineup, especially the canvas ones (Speedy, NF, Artsy, etc.) have coated metal for hardware due to the lower costs associated, it will not oxidize over time, and it's also lighter which in turn decreases the bag's weight. Brass is found on vintage items (ie. a Speedy from the 90's) as well as today's more high-end offerings (rare/extotic leathers, *exclusive LE, etc.) as well as some of the traditional luggage such as the Alzer.

    * There are, to my knowledge, 2 different types of LE available from LV: the first one is the 'common' LE meaning that the item in question is mass produced but only sold during a particular point in time. The Sprouse Roses, the Watercolour, and the more recent Evasion are considered to be 'common' LEs; these will have coated metal for the hardware.
    The second one is the 'exclusive' LE in that only a handful were ever made - on a global level this may mean either in the 10's or maybe 100's - and it's often incredibly difficult to acquire one as they're generally high-priced and/or reserved for VVIC. One off the top of my head would be the Sharon Stone Vanity Case (someone can correct me if I'm wrong here).
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  3. What a perfect response, thank you!
  4. Most welcome:biggrin: