Is "Brand Off" a replica or legit?

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  1. I have seen a few auctions lately and they claim to have authentic pieces and their prices seem good. Has Anyone bought from them? What was your experience with them?
  2. I think they're legit . I haven't bought anything from them but that's just bc they don't have what I'm looking for.
  3. I have heard great things about them!
  4. I have heard mostly good things as well but have also heard a few people say they saw pieces on their ebay store that were never made by LV (something about some limited edition wallets etc.) So please make sure you have them authenticated here before buying.
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  5. I bought a couple of Epi pieces from Brand Off store in Hong Kong. I am pretty sure they are legit. Japanese are well known into their luxury goods.
  6. They are is a crime to sell counterfeit items in japan
  7. What irritates me about their auctions is that the vast majority of them don't include obvious authenticating photos like heat stamps or date codes. The ones that do seem to have one or the other and once in a blue moon, both. There's no consistency.

    I have bought authentic bags from them and found on one they omitted what should have been obviously noted in their condition statement. Since it was not a deal breaker for me, I let it pass, however I would not have bid if I knew the info up front. Be sure to ask any question first though and as everyone else said, get the item authenticated.

    I would still buy again, but I'd ask everything I could think of first.
  8. Never bought from them, but they are legit

  9. It's a crime everywhere :smile:

    I've purchased from them several times. Legit.
  10. Of course it is..
    I have bought from them as well and I authenticate for a living:smile:
  11. They sell authentic, but I had a negative experience with them. I collect Gucci cats and dogs charms. I found one cat charm that I wanted for a long time. It was BIN and it was a second day of auction. So, I got it and paid immidiately. Next morning I got the news that item is no longer available. It happens sometimes. But I was disappointed.
  12. THIS is super true... and sometimes they only provide 4 pics, or maybe less... probably because authentic is not an issue in japan society (??), so they don't have the tendency to show sufficient pics for authenticating purposes. :huh:

    but they are LEGIT.. i've bought a LOT from them.. and fortunately because i'm currently living in tokyo, i can go to the store and see the condition myself.. hehehehhe... :P:P
    but just to be sure, ask for more photos, and get the item authenticated.. :heart:
  13. Did you pay customs when you buy from them? :thinking:
  14. I bought a few bags from them. I didn't have to pay additional customs but I guess it is not guaranteed since (I think) US customs can open the package and add customs charges. They ship quickly too!! I BIN'ed a bag on Friday and received it Tuesday.
  15. They are legit and they sell authentic items only.