Is Botkier over?

  1. I noticed the botkier "chatter" has gone down significantly over the past few months on tpf. I have a Botkier clyde which I still love to death, but is the brand "over"?
  2. I don't think so. I still think they are hot. If you really love a bag, it doesn't matter. It is still a great looking handbag so continue wearing your Clyde bag with pride!
  3. I wear my Clyde bag with pride too! It doesn't really matter if it's still hot or what not! :yes: In fact, I like it esp. when I don't see every other girl on the street carrying it!
  4. I totally agree. If you love it, don't care if others love it or not.
  5. Hehehe I totally agree! And NOTHING can beat Botkier's yummy leather smell!! :upsidedown:
  6. It's only over to the eye of the beholder :biggrin: I sold my medium Luxe Trigger months ago.
  7. I have a problem though... I want to get a hold of a Trigger, preferably in hazelnut, but the stores here in Sweden don't carry that colour. And if I buy it from the shipping cost will be $127! Does anyone have a suggestion to what I should do?
  8. I much prefer not seeing everyone and their grandma carry a bag I have. Exclusitivity is a great thing IMO. :yes:

    I can't wait till Botkier has their sale again. I'll probaby pick something up from the website.
  9. I think they are wonderful bags. I had a Clyde and sold it, the size was not what I need. When there is another sale on the website, I will be looking at a Trigger.

    The board runs in cycles, too. About a month ago, every other post was about the Darel bags, and now that has died down. Chloe and Balenciaga seem to be white hot now. I say wear your Botkier with pride!
  10. sold to me! :biggrin: i love it... :heart:
  11. In that case I'd say eBay is probably your best bet. I know, I know, we all hate having to dig through endless pages of fake bags before finding a few authentic ones.....but (from my experience) most of the Botkier bags on eBay so far are authentic -- of course not do have to do a bit of research, but the fake Botkiers (so far) are generally pretty easy to ask for lots of photos, double-check the seller's feedback, and you can get a good deal on authentic Botkiers on eBay.
  12. okey... I guess I'll just dedicate the next week to Ebay then.. Thanks for your input.
  13. Had you posted this a few days ago, I would have been able to offer you the Cognac Luxe Trigger I had on eBay! I just sold it, and mailed it today.

    I definitely don't think that Botkier is over. We do go in cycles here, in terms of what people lust after. It's a great bag in general - very functional. And, the new Turbo Triggers are super soft! Good luck!
  14. I have a botkier holster bag and I really like it! It is so functional and holds a TON! I will definitely continue to carry it, although I have it in metallic twilight which seems more like a fall color, so I may not use it as much this summer.
  15. i think it's not over yet.. just less ppl who adore it.... maybe not getting enough media mileage right now compared to the other bags...