Is Botkier out?

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  1. Hi I am new to this thread . . . I just wanted to know what you all thought of Botkier? I already have the trigger and I am thinking about this one. . . you can see it here.
    so i was wondering, is botkier out? or on its way? i don't live in a very big city right now, so i really dont know! I just LOVE the leather on my trigger- i have a thing for soft leather. I would appreciate your help. Thanks!
  2. NO WAY! Botkier is really cool right now. Atleast that's what I think. ;)
  3. I must repeat, no way! The trigger will be around for a long time because it is highly functional and well-made.

    I must say you have a picked a great bag - I have been eyeing the Safari in Brandy as well.
  4. Thanks. . . well in case you do decide to get it (or any of the other ones) I ordered mine from and got 20% with the code toutie. That is for the entire purchase too!
  5. i really want a botkier convertible bag (saw one at Barneys coop last week) but they don't have any colors that really inspire me :sad:
  6. Okay, so I am sooo new to obsessing over purses and never heard of Botkier before, can someone tell me how to pronounce it?
  7. Bot-keer, I think....or maybe boat-keer
  8. Like Boat-key-er ... i think if my pronunciation skills are somewhat good in typing! Ha.
  9. I actually sent an email to Botkier to determine this, and I got the following response:

    "Botkier is pronounced bot-kee-ear."
  10. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I'm new here too. I just bought the Botkier covertible bag last month from (with that $100 off coupon that was going around here, thanks BTW). Mine is in black. It's a very sturdy purse, well made.