Is a legit site?

  1. I'm a bit leery, as in her bio, one of the owners mentions that she enjoys hosting purse parties? Aren't purse parties associate with fakes?
  2. I think Borsabella is a long-time member here (IIRC).
  3. Oh...are you sure it's the same person? The website says:

    "I am importing fine, authentic designer handbags from Italy. I resell via purse parties locally, eBay, and will soon be starting a website. I specialize in hard-to-find models as well as the highly coveted 'it' bags. I will be posting my latest finds, if you are interested, let me know. Think of me as your personal shopper, designer handbags direct from the source below retail! If there is something that you are specifically looking for, I will try to find for you!"

    How can individuals import bags from Italy? Aren't authorized retailers the only ones who can do this? Sorry, I'm just a little confused...
  4. Hmm sounds a bit suspicious to me, try and find out if they are a member of tPF or do a search and see if there are more threads on this?
  5. yea sounds shady to me as well. designer items cant just be 'imported from italy' by a random person who has a small business, they're very selective. unless they're stolen goods or fakes, it's not likely especially current season. i hate it when websites make claims like that.
  6. I'm pretty sure that the Borsabella who's a member here is the same Borsabella that sells online. She's a long-time member and a legit seller.
  7. How can she sell the bags for so cheap? I would be careful
  8. Borsabella is a member here and that's her site. If you have any questions, I would suggest you PM her.
  9. can't the world be more honest ?!!?!