Is Bordeaux an unusual color?

  1. I went into the Chanel Boutique at Tysons yesterday. I was carrying my GST which happens to be Bordeaux. The SA said she had never seen that color before. Not sure if she meant in that style or ever. Is it that unusual a color? I think she may have thought it was fake.
    BTW, a young mom with a baby asked if I was happy with the bag and could all my things fit. I happened to have a lot of stuff in it at the time, including a bottle of water. I can carry files and books, magazines, etc. in it. I told her the only problem was it's weight, but she could try mine on! She didn't think it was too heavy. Ah, to be that young again.
  2. From what I've seen it isn't a common color, but it sure is gorgeous!!!
  3. While I have seen the bordeaux color in the Chanel boutiques, I have never seen it worn by anyone IRL. It's such a beautiful color
  4. i think it's very pretty too! i got the medallion tote in bordeaux, can't wait until it's here....
  5. I think Bordeaux is really pretty and maybe its rare cause everyone seems to be getting it in black and while only.

    I am planning to get a Bordeaux 2.55 reissue soon:smile:
  6. It doesn't seem to be all that common. Quite beautiful though!