is bluefly trustable for YSL?

  1. is it legitamit? i worry about purchasing from online retailers......wondering if anyone had any experiences because a lot of the YSL bags are discounted... thank you!
  2. I wouldn't worry about fakes at Bluefly - they are reputable and I've received authentic bags from them. There have been issues with fakes in the past from what I've heard, but they remedied those by putting security tags on their bags (to prevent bait and switch).
  3. My patent OS Muse from Bluefly was 1000% authentic YSL.
    They have some fantastic deals, especially if you get a coupon code on top of it !!!
    Happy Shopping !!
  4. :tup: BFly is a trusted seller. Look at the Deals and Steals thread for a promo code for additional % off your purchase.
  5. yes.never had any problems.