Is Bluefly okay to buy from or not?

  1. There have been so many posts on fake as well as authentic goods - I am so confused whether to buy from them or not.

    I like the YSL buffalo leather muse change purse they have - which is on sale today (and since shipping to Australia is way overpriced as it is) I thought it was worthwhile getting it while it is on sale.

    The item is overpriced for what it is, but its cute and I have been looking for a change/coin purse and I feel this may meet my needs.

    Is it likely to be fake? I know the Bal and Chloe girls have experienced some fake issues.

    Please help!
  2. There have been lots of posts about BFly...some people have purchased fakes and others have had a good experience. Try doing a search on BFly to check out how quick they refund your money if you think they sent you a fake. I have never bought anything from BFly, so Good Luck!
  3. I've been a customer for years and never had any problems.
  4. I bought quite a lot from them...the Guccis were real, the Chloe was fake (but returned with no problem), and my newest purchase BCBGmaxazria handbag and Delman shoes were real.

    If you have a good deal, buy and just be careful not to take off the bluefly tag until you are sure of what you got!
  5. I've purchased one Gucci bag from Bluefly and it is authentic. I did buy and return a Fendi and Chloe bag but only because I didn't like style and color.
  6. i wonder how they can sell real and fake? how the heck does that work out? they are authentic SOME of the time?
  7. Last year, Bluefly was the victim of "bait/switch" where people were buying the real deal, returning fakes and Bluefly unknowing resold the fakes that had been returned. They also got a bad supply from a vendor that they thought was real. Now they put security tags on all their handbags. If the tag is cut off the bag and you try to return it for any reason, you will NOT get a refund. They were Chloe bags and one other that I can't recall (Balenciaga maybe?). But it was a relatively isolated incident that's been blow WAY out of proportions here.
  8. What a mess. So it sounds like they have probably resolved the issue for the most part, and that they do receive their merchandise straight from the distributor themselves?
  9. YSL from Bluefly in the past has been authentic. Yes, it was Balenciaga that was a problem, but the new Balenciagas have been authentic as well. I don't know about Chloe, as I don't tend to pay attention to Chloe.
  10. Ive purchased quite a bit from there and it has been authentic.
  11. Hi, I also just bought a YSL bag from there - it was the reversible one. On the site it says it's black/brown. However, I looked online and found that if it's black, the other side should usually be anthracite/silver. Does this mean it's a fake? Or is it just a new model?

    I guess I should call YSL and ask...

    Thanks in advance for any messages.
  12. I just bought from Bluefly yesterday. They have fine customer service (in selling and sending) but Pray you never have to return anything. It will take you over 2 months to get your money back...and that is alot of begging and pleading and multiple phone calls.
  13. I must be lucky. I've never had to wait for more than 10-14 days or so for a refund. I sent back some things on the 9th of this month and the credit was processed on the 15th.

  14. Prada Psycho - I just read your story about "Sam" and I have tears streaming down my face. What a lovely story that is!

    Anyway, some things I found so similar:

    I too am a Prada nut, have many Pradas that I love. I think it is the quality of the leather and the size of the bags that I go for.

    We also have a dog named Sammy that we love dearly, and just recently lost another dog, Skippy.

    The rainbow thing got to me also, as we have a crystal "suncatcher" on our sliding glass door that sends little rainbows through our kitchen when the sun is shining a certain way and hits it. The day that our dog Skippy passed away, the sun was in and out, then became so bright and the kitchen was flooded with so many tiny rainbows. It was the most we had ever seen. We too looked at this as a "sign".

    Just had to write as there are so many similarities here!
  15. ^^^Aww, thanks Handbagcity. That's sweet of you. Off topic, but Sam's still been busy at work. Three weeks after he died, he showed me our now new puppy Gracie's picture on the Animal Control website. I went out to Animal Control the same day and adopted her. We're convinced he hand picked her for us, long story but check out my thread on the Animal sub-forum called Mending a Broken Heart. :heart: