Is Bluefly legit?

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May 23, 2007
Hello all,
I posted this in the Marc Jacobs forum but just wanted to see if anyone else has had an issue with bluefly. I just recieved the MbyMJ Faridah logo hobo from them about a week or two ago and I took the tag off after about two days because I loved it. However, when I looked at pictures of the same bag on and BG I noticed two differences with the bag. (1) The two buttons (actually magnets) on the front are different. Mine simply say MJ while the one on the others say Marc by Marc Jacobs. Same as where the handle connects to the bag, and MJ stud instead of the circle. (2) There is no nameplate on the inside of the bag, as people in the forum has said that they are on all the bags. (however the pictures on does not have the nameplate) and my lining is diamondy, not floral or lettered.
The leather is buttery and thick and not stiff and it doesn't stand up on it's own and the rest of the hardware matches the bags on the retail sites.

(sorry the pictures are poor, I am taking them with my camera phone since I am at work)

Anyone have a reason to question bluefly and if so, what can I do to fix it since I already took the tag off?

Here's the Zappos link:



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Oct 24, 2005
Los Angeles
I can't speak to the authenticity of your bag, but I bought a BV Ball bag from them earlier this year that was absolutely authentic, and I know a lot of the other PF ladies and gents have bought items that were the "real deal".

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Nov 3, 2006
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I bought a BV tote and had my SA look at-it was authentic. Did yours come with the authenticity tag? If you are doubtful-call them up and send it back!;)


Jan 12, 2006
if you do a search you'll find a TON of threads about this.
The bad news is:
yes, they have definitely sold fakes before.
The good news is:
they have tried to rectify and prevent that from happeneing again, seems it was isolated and purely accidental.

I'll close this as you've posted it in 2 Forums and we don't allow duplicates.
but also, feel free to search, I think you may find more answers:yes:
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