Is Blue the same color as DK Blue?

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  1. Hi, ladies.

    I just got my blue caviar jumbo.
    Actually, I order through phone, so I am not sure I got the right one.
    I ordered Blue one but the tag that I got says ' DK Blue'. :confused1:
    Is ' Blue' different from ' DK blue'?
    I expected little bit lighter color but it looks like a bit dark greyish blue.
    Did i get the right one? or are there ' blue' and ' Dk blue' differently?

    Please let me know. Thanks!
  2. the caviar blue is a dusky blue, but there's also a navy blue color which i think was only available in the patent leather. i'm pretty sure you got the right one.
  3. Cherishlee, do you have the color code? If so, is it 83963? It's blue fonce and on the white tag, it says "Dk Blue". When I saw someone's e/w bag in blue fonce, I thought the color is kind of a lighter shade of blue. But when I saw it in person, it looks kinda dark greyish blue just like you described. Luckily, I like it as well, so I'm happy with my blue :smile:
  4. Mine is not patent navy blue but caviar blue. Yes, you are right, it is dusky blue. Then is it the right blue, or I got accidently Dk blue which is different from Blue? Thanks!
    bretiny, yes, 83963 is the number and I thought exactly the same way as you did (e/w vs. jumbo)thanks!
  5. [​IMG]

    The bag on top is of Jaq's SA, and the bottom one is mine. Both are blue fonce in different lighting :smile:
  6. thanks so much for the side by side comparison bretiny! actually, the previous pics that you and jag posted were very helpful as i too ordered the blue E/W over the phone without seeing it hasn't arrived yet so anxiously awaiting its delivery!
  7. Wow, bretiny. I did not expect this kindness. Thank you so much. Now i feel better. It seems I got the right one. Thanks!
  8. it's a beautiful color, cherishlee! i am sure you got the one you were looking for.
  9. i got the navy blue lambskin... its almost like black...