is blue suhali still being produced or is it discontinued already? N/M

  1. Tia
  2. Discontinued, but still available.
  3. it is discontinued
    but i am sure there is many pieces in LV boutiques all over the world
  4. D/C, but still easy to find...
  5. Yes, it has been discontinued (sometime over one year ago, I believe).
  6. When I got my black one I asked about the blue and they told me that it had been discontinued.
  7. We saw a blue Le Fab yesterday. It's TDF!
  8. It is strange a few weeks ago it wasn't on the website and now it is back on the website....
  9. I saw the geranium but not the blue anymore in my boutiques.
  10. Awww... it's sad that it got d/c'd... :crybaby:

    I wanna get a blue Suhali S-Lock bracelet if one is still available? :search:
  11. wow.. i didn't know it was discontinued
  12. oh i love the blue suhali!!

    Hmmm... i think i need to see if i can score some blue suhali now.