Is Blue Roi still available in crocodile?

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  1. A friend of mine said Blue Roi is no longer available in crocodile with Hermes. Perhaps I'm just seriously slow to what is discontinued, is this one available at Hermes or only through other sources?:sos:

    I wanted to get a small 25 cm crocodile birkin in blue roi if I am able to find it as a *me* gift...just had a baby. Time to reward myself. If it is no longer available in the boutique, I hope I can get one for a reasonable price, maybe gently used.

  2. I tried doing a search to no avail.

    I have found one online for nearly 60K. For those savvy with crocodile resales, is that a good price for a Royal Blue crocodile birkin bag? I guess it would be more than retail if it is no longer a readily available color.

    Thank you to all those who can help.
  3. Blue Roi in croc is absolutely gorgeous....very jewel-like. My SA at Ginza H told me Blue Roi in croc is a discontinued colour. With croc resales, the year of production and condition of the bag will affect the price.
  4. i am no help.. but i just saw a bleu saphir porosus in a HK reseller shop. it is TDF! i think between saphir and roi, saphir has a richer jewel tone. imo!

    given that you may have to search for a preloved croc, please make sure to use TPF authenticate service! I am sure the ladies there would love to help.
  5. From what I know it's not available but I was told that it is not an impossible yet a rather improbable special order hope it helps darling !!!!!
  6. Thank you to everyone for being so helpful. I will keep you posted on what I can locate, hopefully at a better price point than $60,000, plus S&H. An SO would be ideal.

    However, thank you hanyeu...never thought of Saphir. Will have to look into that one too.

  7. it is totally available via SO but as an alternative you may also check out bleu abysse croc that could also be of interest to you
  8. I :tender: your suggestion, lilach :heart: Shiny Bleu Abysse is so jewel-like!