Is bloomsbury bad choice for first bag?

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  1. I figure it is a good everyday bag. I don't want to regret it after though because its more casual. I rarely ever dress up though.
  2. I use mine mostly for travel since it is cross-body and goes flat in my suitcase. I have the PM and it doesn't hold a lot. I tried the GM and it got too heavy for me.
  3. I don't think any bag is a "bad choice" for your first. If you really like it, go for it. It's a cute bag and I like that it can go across your body.
  4. I think it's a great first LV bag and it won't be your last! You should definitely pick something you will use more, rather than a dressy bag if you mainly go casual.
  5. It is a good first bag if you're not the kind of the sweet dress kind of person.
    I would say to go for the pm more (:*
  6. I think it's a GREAT choice!! I have the GM and LOVE it, it can be dressy or casual, depending on what you are wearing...the GM fits a tons and never gets heavy...good luck deciding!
  7. it's a cute bag. it would be a great first bag if your style is more casual and you like cross-body bags. :smile:
  8. As long as you like it then it's not a bad choice.
  9. If it will be used and loved then go for it! :smile:
  10. I think it's a great bag. I have the PM and use it almost everytime I go out other that going to work. I say go for it. You'll get a lot of use of it.
  11. I have the gm. If you like cross body bags this is a superb choice.
  12. do you find it to be heavy as the other comment said?
  13. I got the pm as my first Lv...I'm loving it, use it most days, great for travel with hands free to hold my kids. Since then I have bought the new Rivington Gm and damier zippy wallet. Go for it... it will be a start of your lv addiction :smile: