Is Bleu Nuit FW05 or SS06?

  1. I just got the FW06 navy from LVR and sad to say, I am not loving it :sad:. It is a totally different shade from the photos on their website and I actually thought from their photos that it came with gold hardware like the Bleu Nuit, but it was silver! :wtf:

    The trouble with it is that it is a cool blue with slightly purplish undertones, while most of my jeans and other blue outfits are much warmer with yellow undertones. When matched against most of my clothes, it is just off. Looks like I have to send it back to LVR for a refund. Since the bag came by FedEx, I would have to pay customs and duties for importing the bag, which I would lose totally when I send it back. However, I would be travelling to London in the next couple of weeks which means I can send the bag back from there without even any customs declaration!

    Anyway, I think I might like the Bleu Nuit better. Can anyone tell me if this colour is from FW05 or SS06? For those who have seen it IRL, would you describe it as having cool, reddish undertones or warm, yellowish undertones?
  2. Oh sad to hear this, I have to agree pictures on LVR are often very misleading... When I purchased my taupe paddy it looked more like tan in their pictures (they later added some better pics) and I was surprised when I opened the box. Thank god I loved the colour so my story got happy ending:biggrin:
    I haven't ever seen the Bleu Nuit, I think it's from 05 but not sure..?
  3. There is a piccie of my blue nuit in the new chloe ref pages :yes: , I did not get mine until March 06 and Cricket had only had it in a couple of weeks, so although it is classed as a/w 05/06 it was released early 06. Here are a couple more, very real to life colour piccies :smile: (so sorry you are not loving your new colour one)

  4. Whow i just love the bleu nuit!!!
    Now do you know a place i could order this from (online best in europe)!
  5. hi catcat, afraid this colour is discontinued, and almost impossible to find :sad: . Most stores only got one of each size in, in this colour, so you will have to keep your eyes peeled on the dreaded ebay now and hopefully luck out that way :smile:
  6. Thanks for the pics chloe-babe. I remember seeing your cute little loaf on another thread and found it absolutely adorable.

    Of the 2 pics you posted, which one would you say is more true to life? Your own pic or the one from Cricket?

  7. Sniff, I will keep my eyes open and check the shops in the area they don't sell out as quickly here as they do in Paris, not the same never know.
  8. C-B, I can't resist commenting on how stunning your bleu nuit is!!! :flowers:

    I would love to see it next to the grenat or rouge!! :heart:

    Gorgeous!! :love:
  9. Roxane: I'm really sorry about the bag. Photos from online stores are usually off. I've had to return a lot of bags because the actual product looked totally different IRL. :yucky: I really hope you find the bleu nuit you're looking for! :heart:
    Chloe-babe: Your bleu nuit is stunning! I think I'm drooling here...:drool:
  10. Roxane - Blue Nuit was from F/W 05. IMO, neither of those pictures is true to life - it's a true royal blue and more vivid than those pics. It looks absolutely nothing like the new Navy either - the new one is much darker.
  11. he he, have to disagree with you there style 101, as I use mine and look at it every day! Blue Nuit is not Royal Blue at all. My personal picture is completely true to life. It was taken in daylight and that is how it looks. The zipper material around the bag is a paler blue, as it is meant to be (but still not royal). But make no mistake, this is what Blue Nuit looks like! Do you have a Blue Nuit yourself Style101 that looks different to this?
  12. Yes I do and although your pic is obviously similar to it, I don't think either your own pic or Cricket's pic captures the color that well. Roxane is trying to assess the nuances in detail, since she didn't like the color of her new one and I don't think she'll get a true assessment of the undertones based on those.

    Also, in the US, Neimans and Bergdorfs received their first shipments of Bleu Nuit in August of 2005 (when most F/W shipments are received) - mine was purchased then. Perhaps Cricket received theirs later, but in the States the color sold out very quickly during the early fall.
  13. Style101, Chloe-babe, thanks so much for your input. I think there are definitely variations depending on the batch and the piece of leather itself. Anyway, I saw another bleu nuit Paddy on eBay and it looks too royal blue for my liking. I think I will have to wait until FW07 to see if Chloe finally comes up with the blue I want. Hehehe... might be "off" Paddys by then.
  14. What about Noir? Dark grey with a slate blue undertone?
    NoirFront.JPG NoirBack.JPG NoirFront2.JPG
  15. Excellent!