Is Bleu Fonce a seasonal color??

  1. Hello everyone!

    Is Bleu Fonce a seasonal color on the classic flaps?? I suddenly fall in love with that blue and wants to get one. Thanks!
  2. I am also in love with the blue fonce, but unfortunately I was not even into Chanel when it came out (I think sometime early last year). It is seasonal. It will most likely get re-released again, but who knows when that will be? I know it won't be released for spring/summer of 2008. Perhaps late next year or the year after?

    Trust me, I had my SA try to hunt one down and they're completely gone. The only way you'd find one is to get lucky on eBay or a consignment shop.
  3. thanks for your reply, missisa07! I guess we'll need to wait then, wish that it will come up soon! Good Luck!
  4. Thanks! Yup, hopefully the price won't increase to $3,000+ (USD) by the time they decide to re-release it. Scary thought. Good luck too! The blue fonce is my holy grail bag. Once I got that, I'd truly feel "complete" Chanel wise.
  5. Hi girls, got a pix of the bleu fonce? Have not seen this color before.

    And is there a blanc fonce? In what way is bleu fonce different from blue? Is it in terms of leather or look as in shine??? TIA
  6. [​IMG]

    It's kind of a bluish gray.
  7. Yum! Now I know why.
  8. Gawd, I would love a tote in that color!
  9. I've been looking for the Bleu Fonce for quite some time now. And still no luck. Hopefully, they will reproduce this exact color this '08:girlsigh:
  10. :wtf:Scary thought, indeed. More scary because I can see it being possible in the next year.