Is black (with g/h) Suhali being discontinued?

  1. I was searching for a black Suhali cles a couple of days ago, so I called my local store. The girl I talked to said that there are only a few of them left in the entire country!! She said it seems like it's being discontinued. Really??? Did anyone hear anything about that?
  2. That is most likely incorrect information
  3. I hope so!!! I'm just getting into Suhali and I LOOOVE black with gold!
  4. I don't see how such a popular item in a permanent color would go away? Maybe there are a FEW left in the country because more are on the way, with the new year and all, shipping may be behind?
  5. ^^ I agree as I was under the impression black & white would always be produced as the staple suhali colours and then add new seasonal colours:yes:
  6. ITA with Matt. Suhali is inherently a low-volume product- there's not going to be thousands of them available at one time like a canvas cles.