Is Black Vintage Ligne Square Tote Still Available?

  1. These are probably long gone, but has anyone seen the black Vintage Ligne Square Tote lately? I saw someone carrying one the other day and it made my heart skip a beat...

  2. I haven't seen anything from that Ligne in forever!
    I'd love a black one too!
  3. Have a look on eBay. I think I saw one this week from Personalshopper
  4. ^^^Thanks for the tip. I saw Personalshopper's listing but that bag is pre-loved and while it appears to be in fantastic shape, I really want a new one.
  5. Is this tote still available in any color at any of the stores? Thanks!
  6. I'm betting you could find one at NM or Saks if you call enough stores.
  7. there's also a white vintage on eBay that's TDF! It's the gorgeous tote that Swanky has!:heart:
  8. you can try to locate one!!