Is Black Nail Polish Unprofessional??

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  1. Black can be either/or. If you’re dressed like a Goth, then very unprofessional. If you’re dressed in a suit or a lab coat and your appearance is flawless, as long as your nails are neat and fairly short I think it’d look very professional.
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  2. Interesting to see this thread as I am a working professional in the health industry and had on a very dark color. Reminded me of OPIs Lincoln Park After Dark, but it was another color. Super dark and I loved it. I always look professional and no chips here. I literally just took off that color today. Now I have a plum color that I also like. Have fun with color!
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  3. I'm a fan of a darker nail. Many professional women wear a multitude of dark colors but one has to be
    I think its also important when wearing any shade of polish, that your hands are well groomed & touching
    up chips in the polish looks neater,
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