Is Black Nail Polish Unprofessional??

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  1. ITA.. my nails are filed short for this reason and I keep them chip-free as well..
    I am currently rocking BLUE with glitter.. a couple people complimented me... ONE persone told me how much she disliked it... I just told her to get with it... she's a copycat anyhow...(she'll probably be wearing blue np by next month now.. LOL)
  2. I'm a doctor too, but I am one of the fortunate (!) to have virtually no patient contact. I definitely don't think it's a black and white issue (excuse the pun). Like others have said, if you are immaculately groomed -- no overly trendy makeup, hair, or clothes -- and the polish is perfect, I don't have any problem with it. It looks chic. However, it ONLY works if the nails are extremely short and flawless (the second mine chips I freak out, personally). Also, it helps if you have a track record with the people you work with. The other doctors I work with just shrug it off because they know me - I'm fashionable, artistic, and edgy as well as reliable and trustworthy. One of the other doctors I work with tried the black polish one time and everyone made all these comments about it because she's so blah and middle of the road... I think someone even said to her, "Black polish? We expect that with schadenfreude, but you?"

    That said, I wouldn't wear it on an interview, a big presentation, or anywhere else where I had to impress any crusty old farts. You have to know your audience.
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  3. I just wanted to add any one look is unlikely to please everyone. In medicine, it seems like a lot of women think it's acceptable to roll out of bed and come to work with sloppy hair and no makeup. (Maybe it goes with the scrubs being like pajamas or something.) I think that is more unprofessional than neatly manicured black nails, because you're saying to the world that you don't give a damn.
  4. i dont think nails are that big of an issue, i think if you wear pro attire aka suits, button downs anything will look professional!
  5. Agree-- the health care industry is on the conservative side so I would avoid the black.
  6. I agree with most. I've worked in a very professional environment where I was in charge of hiring and staffing. While I have nothing against black polish (or tattoos or piercings - to each her own) I have to say that it certainly doesn't lend itself well to creating a positive first impression when you're looking for a position. Why do something you have to overcome?

    BUT...since you already work there and it's apparently not against the "rules" I assume you're okay. But to the original question, I don't think it's a professional look in a professional environment.
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    I am about to enter the legal profession as an attorney and I have always been told to keep it neutral or some other muted color. Brown would work but black...I dont think so. Maybe even burgundy/red (im hesitant on this though) would work but just not black.
  8. unprofessional. I guess if you work in a lab/research area in a hospital where you wear gloves all the time, then okay.... maybe you can pass.... but any other work in the hospital, especially if you're part of the staff--> no.

    I actually LOVE dark rich saturated colours (especially purple, red, and black), but I always take off my nail polish even if it's a pale neutral colour whenever I'm with my patients.
  9. You say you have to keep your nails short for hygiene reasons. When I worked in a restaurant, I was taught nail polish in general is considered unhygienic, because it can chip.

    But apart from that, I personally wouldn't wear black polish to work.
  10. Twenty years ago, it would have been considered not only unprofessional, but downright bizarre.

    Today it is the safest and most conservative alternative to plain natural colored nails, either "french style," regular "clear" polish, whether achieved by bottle or buffer, or no polish at all.

    Depending on your skin tone, the "black" that you use might really be a very dark brown or blue, even a purple or "eggplant" shade, but it will be visibly different from actual black only in bright sunlight, and to people who are really peering closely at your nails.

    Short nails are more "professional" than long ones, and most definitely keep them short if you decide to go with "black" as opposed to "plain."

    Long black nails are a total Glamor Don't.
  11. I painted my nails black last night, which used to be my favorite nail hue. But as I look at my manicured fingers, they suddenly feel too...done .Which lead me to question: are black nails over? I’ve been on the goth nail train since early in high school (and now I've probably gone through 15 bottles) but maybe these 10 years of riding the line between edgy and chic was all black nails could do for me before sinking to the back into the depths of my polish self as just another of the infinite shade options.
  12. I work in a corporate law firm setting having just come from public service (where I was in the courtroom daily). Lincoln Park After Dark is one of my all time favorite nail colors on a short nail. So classy.
  13. Black is =Goth (So I rarely wear on hands but feet I love it with shimmer coat on top).
  14. Black is my go to color. I’m a Mechanical Engineer and I work in a very professional setting. The black nails go with everything and I’m not even close to being gothic lol
  15. Always get my nails painted black! Def my go to color. I'm in a very professional setting myself. Everytime I go to the salon my manicurist asks me if I'll ever change my color. I think she's been asking me this for years. The only time I changed my color was for my wedding and I do change it for the holiday season. My opinion it's not unprofessional at all. Definitely classy!