Is Black Nail Polish Unprofessional??

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  1. I am a healthcare professional, work in a hospital...don't have any patient contact really....but I was wondering if black nail polish is considered unprofessional for the workplace...
    I love the look for fall and winter and am not one who really cares what others think because I am ALWAYS appropriately dressed (more so than anyone else in the dept IMO).. I keep my nails pretty short because I love these dark colors and don't want to look like Morticia - plus it's not sterile to have my nails too long in my line of work...
    I was in court last year (unrelated to my job) and had on black nail polish. My lawyer commented to me how he hated it, which I took to be a hint of inappropriateness in court... That made me think about how I am wearing it at the workplace too..
    What's your opinion, is black nail polish mainstream enough to wear during the weekdays at work? (FYI - my work wardrobe is business casual...slacks and shoes)
    Thanks for your opinions..
  2. On the People's Court, the judge (can't remember her name) often wears dark purple (a little lighter than OPI Lincoln Park After Dark). My philosophy professor, who is also the dean of the law school, also wears dark colors.

    Both look very professional, and I think that the dark nail polish makes them look modern and fashionable. I don't know about actual BLACK though. If you have very light skin, it might look a little bit Morticia.
  3. Unless the job is in the fashion or music industry, I think it looks unprofessional. I like it and I like the way it works, but anyone who doesn't follow the trends isn't going to "get it." KWIM?
  4. I think that black nail polish can look very professional if you keep your nails on the shorter side and if you work at a place that has a more forward-thinking environment.

    Black has been really popular in the past few months, so I think more and more people are accepting it into the mainstream. But if you're concerned that black is too dark to be professional, you could always try one of those almost-black shades.
  5. lol the title made me laugh because I have been wearing black last week to work. I have tan skin and short nails. No one commented on it and it didn't seem to phase anyone. I thought it would be fun esp because it's Halloween time!

    I think guys wouldn't get it but girls who are in the know , know it's just fashion/ fun whereas a man might think it's "goth". I think it's stylish.

    If ones nails are long or if they are chipping :s then not so much...
  6. ita!!
  7. Unless you are in the beauty or another creative industry I say save the black nail polish for weekends and vacation. I would go with one of the darker colors (deep purple, blue, brown) instead of black.
  8. Just like black clothing, all black nail polishes aren't created equal. I think that a black like Chanel Black Satin that has a little bit of sheen to it is much more professional than one of the goth blacks that just looks like black paint. I think the rest of your outfit/shoes/makeup/hair can make black nail polish look very chic instead of hooker cheap.
  9. I guess it depends, but for the most part I think it looks unprofessional. Too bad, because I really like the look.
  10. i think that if it has a lot of chips and its peeling away that makes it look super unprofessional!
  11. I think ANYTHING that is chipped looks unprofessional! I can't stand chipped nails.
  12. I have on super super dark purple now..basically looks one has complained or should I say commented.. I don't think they will but I am so enjoying the differences in opinion here!!
    Age related perhaps? I think my Mom would say it's not in good taste at work- she'd probably NEVER get the trend PLUS she works in the bank industry...
    Please, more opinions!!
    (Should have put a poll in the thread....)
  13. I personally think black is unprofessional ....a dark burgundy would look nice
  14. Me too!! I am OBSESSED with chipped nails..:yucky::yucky:
  15. I agree with most of the other posts. Black - maybe, it might just be harsh. But deep purple, merlot, even a very dark navy would look nice. I wear all three to work all the time, and believe me, my hands get seen all day every day. I think dark colors on short nails look very chic.

    What color are you talking about? Is it a true black?