Is black nail polish still trendy?

  1. Is the black nail polish fad still in? If not, does anyone know the new color of the season? I'm always so late on the fads it's ridiculous! I don't know if the look is now very passe or still hot lol. Thanks so much!
  2. I don't think so. I think red is in nowadays but you should just put whatever makes you feel pretty! :yes:
  3. I think it is and I still wear it all the time. Around here it's still in the middle of it's hayday. :p
  4. It better be! I still have 3 bottles of Chanel Black Satin left. LOL
  5. It is still in but I don't like it as much as i did before
  6. It is still in. I don't like it all the time so the switch it up a bit I use 'wicked' from Essie, its a dar burnt red, almost black.
  7. iv got loads too! there was crazy waitlists so i put my name on one at every chanel counter and i got the nails inc black too
  8. hehehee i think its still trendy but not as much as before. just wear what you like =) i still wear my black satin..=P
  9. Ha, me too! I stockpiled the stuff. I'm wearing it on my fingers & toes as we speak. LOVE it! I keep trying to change to lighter colors for spring & I'm not happy with it. I come straight home from the nail salon & redo my nails to Black Satin:shame: Before Black Satin, all I ever wore was light colors~ I've been converted to the dark side!
  10. I think it's getting a bit dated now that it's spring... I prefer Chanel's Blanc Ceramic now :smile:
  11. I don't think so...

    fall colors are in.
    getting ready for SUMMER! :biggrin:

    bright colors are good !
  12. I'm wearing it as well . I really not mad on Red nailvarnish thou.
  13. I just read in one of my mags that white polish is hot and bright almost neon pink.
  14. i think black's always IN.. red is as well..
    you can see from most celebs.. they wear either black red.. but whatever it is you should wear a color that you're comfortable with :smile:
  15. i meant black OR red.. :smile: