Is black MC just as pretty as white?

  1. My cousin is wondering if the Black MC bags are just as pretty as the white? It seems like everyone drools over the white, and also makes it seem like thats the first MC bag someone should get!

    So without being biased, IS black just as pretty?

    And for your first MC, after choosing which style you want, how do you choose weither you want black or white? Or do you choose which looks best on the bag? (White Speedy, Black Alma, ETC)

    Thanks in advanced! :yes:
  2. to me certain bags look better in black, others in white. at first i was partial to black mc (pochette, trouville, and PMB wallet), but last year i got a white mc speedy. so it all depends... :smile:
  3. I actually prefer the black over the white. I think the colors "pop" more against the black.
  4. I agree that it seems to be bag style dependent. but I do love both the black & white patterns. And some color combos are more beautiful - I like more pinks and purples.
  5. In the summer, I prefer my white MC portemonnaie plat, in winter the black one - I like both!
  6. For me, there are certain bags that look better in white MC than in black. I decided to go with white MC Rita first because I was drawn to the beauty of the white against all those lovely colors. Of course, I also want the black MC Rita because it is also stunning in black. Not much help, I know. lol
  7. I prefer certain styles in just the white or black ... in my eyes and imo it looks better that way. So it really is up to the eye of the beholder, but to answer your question, yes, the black is just as pretty!
  8. They're beautifel in their own way, it's hard to compair IMO. But I perfer white and can't see myself owning a black. But I can understand why some people like the black just as much as the white or even more.
  9. I have both white and black MC. At first I was drawn to black MC, which is really beautiful and an all-year round colour, however, now after almost 4 years the patina has turned a dark honey colour and IMO it just doesn't look very nice against the black. They just seem to blend into one another, whereas dark patina against white MC looks much better because of the contrast, but that's just my opinion.

    I find that certain bags/accessories look better in either white or black. The white MC speedy is a must-have and an eye-catcher, much more so than the black speedy. The Ursula also looks super gorgeous in white! You just have to try them out in person to see which style and colour will suit you and your lifestyle best...good luck! ;)
  10. I personally prefer the black.
  11. Absolutely, although I agree that it depends on the bag or accessory.

    I like the black better because the colors seem to pop more and it's less easy to get dirty. Plus, I'm a bit biased... I love black. :biggrin:
  12. I agree that certain colors seem to suit the bag style better. I love the Black MC soo much but when I see White MC I love that too! Personally, I like the White Alma better, and White Ursula better, but Black Speedy alittle more... I also like the black and white with the most pinks and purples on them :smile:
  13. I prefer the white over the black in all the products. But the black is as pretty.
  14. I like the black MC better than the white. period.
  15. I tend to favor the black over the white. I wouldn't refuse either one though!