Is black jeans a wardrobe necessity?

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  1. We all know that no one will ever have too many BLUE jeans, but do we really need black jeans (the opaque, solid black kind) as well?

    I just impulsively bought a pair from Dorothy Pekins yesterday cos the boot cut and the solid black looked so flattering on me. But once I stepped out of the boutique with my new pair of jeans, I asked myself, "how am I going to wear this?" ... too casual for work, but too formal for weekends..

    anyone here love black jeans and know a tip or two on how to match? Do share! and I appreciate pictures too!!

  2. No, black jeans are not a necessity.
  3. Black jeans are not a necessity (nothing really is or is not because it all depends on a person's individual style), but they can be very versatile for a person who likes them. Dark ones can easily be dressed up for dinners out or drinks, and black jeans can also easily be dressed down. I disagree that they are too formal for weekends because depending on the top and shoes and jewelry they can be as dressy or as casual as you want. But it is true that they would be inappropriate work attire in many places.

    I think black jeans look great with ankle booties and a flowy top (if they are skinnies), but with flats and a cardi they are very weekend-casual.
  4. in my life, YES. I wear black jeans more than blue ones.
  5. Nope , but dark pants are imho.
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    I think it's not a necessety but definately a great addition to every wardrobe, if they look great on you I woudn't hesitate, you can definately dress them up or down, I have worn black jeans (skinnies) with ankleboots a turtleneck and pearls and it looked very classy.
    I also wear them perfectly casual with drivingloafers a T-shirt and a short cardigan etc...possibilitys are endless
  7. I don't think they are a necessity for every wardrobe, but if they look flattering on you then go for it!
  8. i don't think they're necessarily a NECESSITY but they're great IMO. i love them :P
  9. no. I don't particularly care for black jeans, because after a few washings they're not as vibrant anymore
  10. I don't think any type of clothing or accessory is a necessity (I know girls who don't own a single pair of blue jeans) - it just depends on personal style. I agree with those who say black jeans can easily be worn dressed up or down. I wear mine as often as I wear blue jeans (and I don't ever wear black pants... too formal & conservative for my lifestyle). As for the vibrancy of black jeans - this just depends on the brand. I have a pair I've had for two years and they still look brand new. Give it a try - dress it up with a blazer, heels and silk top for a night out. And try dressing it down with ballerinas, a leather jacket and a plain tee.
  11. I wear them skinny and they go with everything! A wardrobe staple for winter.

  12. Ditto.
  13. depends...for me it's a yes.
  14. For me they are! On days when I don't want to wear dress pants ( I work in a corporate back office with no client contact) I can get away with wearing black skinny jeans with cardigans and a nice silk shell. Also for days when I will be outside black jeans with a nice fitted jacket, a chunky scarf and sunglasses are ultra chic ;) while keeping me toasty.
  15. Yes they are!