Is Black Eliza hot?

  1. Hi ladies, thanks your all sweet words on my new MC Marilyn. Now I have another chance to select another LV purse, I want it to be a shoulder bag, that I can carry it daily.

    I am thinking about black MC Eliza, and the Beverly Clutch. But cant make a decision, I would like to know what you girls think about Eliza, should I get a black one or a white one? is the black one HOT?

    I have a pochette accessories in mono already, so I feel like the beverly might looks/feels a bit same to it, but I would like to hear your opionions:yes: .

    All the thoughts are appreciated!
  2. I love the Eliza, and I love it in white more than black. I have other pieces in both colors and white is my favorite.
  3. The Eliza is so cute - and if you already have the pochette, then I agree with you, that the Beverly will be too much the same.
    I think I like the black Eliza the best (I have also read about some problems with the colors smudges on the white, but don't know whether they solved that problem). Anyway - the black is not as "fragile" as the white.
    Good luck on you final decision.
  4. oo but the Beverly clutch is STUNNING!!!!
  5. Love them both, but I have been trying to save for a Black Eliza. Get the Eliza it is such a hot bag.
  6. I like the Eliza especially in the black MC.
  7. YES it is hot! This is on my to-get list when I have actual's such a cute shoulder bag! And I think the black MC would look VERY hot...get it!
  8. which one is hotter?? Eliza is winning??
  9. I LOVE the Eliza in black.. not too much in white! Get it!:nuts:
  10. hmmm, I am leaving in one hour to LV store, any more opionion? between Eliza and Beverly?
  11. i'd go for the eliza in black :smile:
  12. I prefer the Beverly MM ....not really a fan of Eliza plus it holds a lot more than both bags:yes:
  13. I'm not really like Eliza so I'll say for Beverly clutch ;)
  14. the black Eliza is on my wishlist. LOVES IT! I probably won't get one for awhile, but it is definately at the top of my list for now.
  15. I have a white Eliza and LOOOOVE her! Let us know what you get!