is black boring??

  1. i have invested in black med/lg and jumbo classic flaps. to me they are sooo easy and i do not have to even think of an outfit to go with them. however, so many people are into colors i.e., pink, purple, green. am i missing something? is black too boring?
  2. I love black bags, very VERSATILE!:tup::tup:
  3. I dont think that's boring at all. You are very lucky to own such gorgeous bags and they are very easy to wear. Practicality is important. If you manage to get a lot of use out of them then its well worth the investment.
  4. No, I don't think black is boring. I think people invest in other colors sometimes just because they look pretty (at least that's the story I have for having tons of bags in all colors, shapes, brands, materials, etc etc). I'm sure you do things with your wardrobe/makeup that accentuate your lovely bags!
  5. Black is never boring! Classic!
  6. black can get boring, but I prefer to think of it as a classic "colour" as it goes with everything - it's very versatile!

    I do love a bit of colour though as it really jazzes up an outfit, so maybe investing in another colour (your fav, of course!) might be worth it :smile:
  7. Agreed! Now that you have 2 black though, maybe a white or beige would be a nice next bag!:smile:
  8. ^ agree - black is classic, but too much black is boring! Get red! get red!:yahoo:
  9. Black is not boring, its a basic color just like white.. its good to own a few pieces of black bags and of coz some other color bags to add so sparkle to our wardrode.. besides, black is the easier color to maintain of all!!!
  10. defiantly not!! its CLASSIC!
  11. I don't think black is boring!!
  12. While I like black, I think many color bags can be suprisingly neutral if you are willing to open your mind to that. Like my teal cabas, IMO it goes with everything- brown, black, white, grey, etc. Same story with my red jumbo with new chain. Plus a pop of color can be fun!
  13. i was guilty of buying two many black Chanels when I started collecting, thinking they were classic, but I have to say, gulp, I think you CAN have too much black! (but you only have two, so I would say that is perfect ;)), but I would definately say that your next one should be a colour to give you even more scope to wear Chanel with everything
  14. I'm addicted to black as well. I have five so far and one on the way!!! But now I'm starting to branch out. I'm taking small steps towards neutrals (beige, bronze/gold) and white. I think it all depends on your wardrobe. I'm mostly a monotone type of gal.
  15. black = classic.

    not boring at all.