Is Bj or Vert Anis a more versatile color?

  1. So far I have been very neutral (I count reds as neutrals), but I am yearning for a spring/summer color. I know BJ has been a favoeite for a long time, but I was in an elevator in Hawaii with a gorgeous green Birkin and I think it was Vert Anis. I never pictured myself with a green bag--or a light blue either--but I'm very tempted to seek one out. What are your experiences with these colors? Do you think they have staying power? I don't have to get the color in a Birkin--could be Kelly or Bolide. Thanks for any help.
  2. I know I was offered a Chartreuse Kelly with Paladium Hardware but I didn't have all my money together yet (so close!)

    Not sure how I felt about the yellow undertones... but greens and blues are always wonderful from breaking away from the norm.

    Myself, I don't have ONE black bag to force me to wear colour! Never have! Otherwise with all the black in my outfits I'd practically be a ninja!! :sneaky:
  3. Whoops to answer your question YES Blue Jean, or Green can work with anything if you walk with the style and confidence that it does! It's YOUR world :yes:
  4. I think it depends on whether you are a blue person or a green/yellow person. I don't wear Vert Anis well but could do Chartreuse. BJ is a little bright for me - I would tend more towards the Brighton Blue or Thalassa ....

    It also depends on what colors you tend to wear most -- blacks go with either; if you tend to browns/sables, I think that BJ would be better than Vert Anis. But, it's very personal!
  5. I have been wondering the same thing. I am dreaming about a summer Bolide, but should I go for: BJ or VA?????
  6. I have both... and i think Vert Anis (with brown stitching) is more versatile and complements most outfits....
  7. Ditto! :yes:
  8. I agree with FRH....for me, though, Vert Anis would be a better match. Can't wait to hear what you decide!
  9. I concur! Vert anis is awesome! I just ordered a Brighton Blue though so that is another good choice!

    Good luck -- either way, it is a winner!
  10. Ooohh vert anis is beautiful! I saw a kelly in this color today and was so tempted. I think it would go with almost everything. If I had the funds I would have grabbed it. I also agree that brighton blue is gorgeous as well. I've always been a black or brown bag person but hermes is winning me over to colors.
  11. I have a blue jean Birkin and I wear it with just about everything. I also LOVE vert anis. Either way you can't go wrong. Go with your heart.
  12. I think Vert Anis is more of a neutral, but honestly I like BJ better.
  13. I think vert anis is more versatile and I just love this color!!
  14. gosh, i LOVE BOTH!!! too hard to pick on over the other for me. i have BJ already and i've been searching high and lo for vert luck so far.....
  15. Blue Jean is more versatile. It goes with denim, and most, if not all skin tones. My Mum held my Vert Anis Bolide, and with her English complexion, it looked just terrible.