Is Biscayne Bay being discontinued?

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  1. I noticed on the website that the Biscayne Bay is only showing one size (PM) and one colour only, is this a sign that it is or soon to be discontinued?? anyone have any info on this?
  2. Hmm..I wouldn't know exactly. I the have Rouge (GM size) and until they came out with the peppermint and marshmallow, that was the only color available. I know that the colors it came in at first (rouge, peppermint, marshmallow, perle and indigo) are discontinued so that's why those aren't showing up.
    Lol I'm rambling but I didn't see anything in the new book about the biscayne bay being available in the pomme d'amour so you could be right.
  3. yes, its being discontinued here in Malaysia.. but actually there's only i left here the red color..
  4. I meant I HAVE the Rouge. Geez. :lol: