IS Birkin more easy to get in 2009

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  1. Do you agree with you? Because I read thread in 2007 and 2008 about Birkins
    . Even you purchase a wallet or Lindy bag and ask for this holy grail. They will say either no birkin or need to put on waiting list. Even Mr M Tornexxx (the book about cracking code to get birkin) claim he failed to get a birkin even spend $3000 in NYC madision square branch. But now Paris FSH branch open waiting list and sometimes it can be found on on shelf in Paris and Japan branch.
  2. most certainly it is easier to get anybirkin--but not so easy to get the most wanted sizes and types of leather......................
  3. Yes I agree 30cm is easy to get but 35cm is still difficult

  4. 30's are available as are certain colors like white, vert anis and pelouse, and gold.
  5. to be honest, i think its the economy, as soon as the economy picks up again birkins will again be elusive.
  6. yes but what I am saying is that despite the economy birkins are still elusive unless they are less desirable colors and sizes
  7. theres no denying that.

    if they weren't rare, even in these hard times, it wouldn't be a "birkin" would it? hahaha.
  8. :biggrin:yep
  9. This is not applicable to all markets. In some Asian countries, 30cmBs are more in demand, and as such, they are harder to find, sitting around unspoken for.
  10. yup yup :biggrin: I was told in Japan, the ladies desire a size 30 more than anything.
  11. I would say that 30 or 35 is fairly easy to find in SF. They seem to be available more and more lately. I saw three in one day last week in the store. They had a raisin 35 sitting on the shelf and had a vert anis and etoupe in the back. The harder to find colors can be a bit more difficult but if you are patient, you will find one. The birdies are really hard to find lately!
  12. i think its easier to get only in US...not in asia n also not in europe..
  13. I think it depends on where you are. I haven't seen more Birkins on the shelf at my local H, although there have been Kellys making their appearances (usually also reclusive at my store).

    In Japan and Paris, I think in both good times and bad, you can find plenty of Birkins around. It's just a matter of timing - what time of the day you go - but Birkins are still being snapped up.
  14. I guess "less desirable" is different for each person. My fav colors are Vert Anis and Gold... I have VA and Gold will be my next one!