Is belt bag too formal?

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  1. hi i want to add the belt bag in micro into my collection and it is actually my first celine bag. I really like the look of it, i think it is very minimalist and not too mainstream. but after giving it some thoughts, i think it looks a little too formal for casual wear? i wear shorts and jeans with tshirt a lot so i'm worried that it may not suit my styles? what do you guys think?

    and if you guys could pick one, which color would you pick? amazone or grey?
    here are the pictures reference Screenshot_20180504-004909.jpg Screenshot_20180504-004840.jpg

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  2. I personally love the aesthetic of a more casual outfit next to a slightly formal/structured bag. I think it ties the outfit together and makes it more versatile. Both colours are gorgeous! Do you have any grey bags already? I adore the amazone! So unique and stunning, so I would go for that. But if you're looking for something to tie in with your everyday outfit choices then the green may be a bit niche.
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  3. I have this bag so I might be biased but I think this bag does a great job at bridging the gap between dressy and casual. I too wear a lot of jeans and t shirts and even though it typically is a casual outfit I find the bag silhouette elevates my outfit without looking like the bag is out of place. P.S love the Amazon colour.
  4. This bag looks incredibly casual to me with the straps hanging and the soft structure. I'd say you can definitely wear with jeans.
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  5. I don’t think it’s too formal at all, but maybe it depends on the size. I have the nano size in black, and it fits right in with yoga pants and a T shirt, which is more than I can say for some of my other favorites. I also wear it to work. I would say it’s very much a grab and go, no need to think about whether it matches kind of bag.
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  6. I have the mini belt and I wear it with everything! You'll be pleasantly surprised at how it can match both formal and casual. I have the Amazon in a different style and love it. A little more unique and special in my opinion.
  7. yes i really like the amazone one but my sister said that it would be hard to match the color with everyday clothes? but because it's really dark i think it will match just fine? that's why even though i really like the amazone one, i'm also considering the grey one because it'll be easier to match my style
  8. About the Amazone..I think so too..because it's such a dark and rich color and quite close to black (in certain lighting) I think it will be quite easy to match with different colors and styles
    If only that color would been available when I bought my micro belt, It would have been such a hard decision to make between the black and the amazone
    So I vote for the Amazone!!
  9. I vote for the Amazone too. I can't think of it ever clashing with any colour to be honest. Like putting it against pretty much any colour in my head it doesn't really clash lol!
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  10. So... Which one did you go for? :biggrin:
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  11. agree with @Breadnbrie that the vibes of Belt bag varies with size. I also have the Belt bag in black nano and i use it for every occasion. I pair it often with tshirt and shorts and find that it pulls the outfit together.