Is Beige M/L classic flap too small on a tall girl for evening wear?

Jan 22, 2012
Hi everyone,

I have quite a few Chanel purses but have always been scared of the light colors due to color transfer concerns. However, I have decided to take the plunge and buy a couple Beige bags to wear for the upcoming season with my Spring/Summer clothing.

I just purchased a Beige GST with Gold HW to carry during the day because I like carrying sunglasses, wallet, makeup bag and sometimes even a small water bottle. I would also like to buy a Beige caviar classic flap with Gold HW to carry out in the evening for dinners/drinks. Even though would still dress fairly casually (printed tops/white jeans/heels or wedges) for most evenings out, I prefer the classic flap look since it is a bit more dressy and less bulky than the GST.

Therefore, I was thinking of getting a Beige M/L with Gold hardware for night-time use. However, I am 5'8'' and a size 4/6, so I am wondering if the M/L size is too small for my frame? I have the M/L size in black with both GHW and SHW and I think they are a good contrast to my larger black daybags (which are all Maxi flaps, GSTs or larger seasonal bags), but I have seen a lot of posts in which people are saying that M/L looks too small on taller/bigger girls, so I am starting to rethink my strategy and wondering if I am better off getting a Beige Jumbo with GHW.

What do you think? Remember, I plan to only carry it at night and use my Beige GST (or a beige patent Jimmy Choo Ramona shoulder bag) for my beige daytime needs.

Thanks for your help!


Jan 10, 2013
Ban Island
I'm 5'8" as well and I don't think the m/l size would be too tiny. It's actually much more elegant for evenings out versus a jumbo.


Sep 26, 2012
United States
I think you should go with the M/L since you want to use for evenings. I don't think it will be too small for your frame. The M/L is the perfect evening bag.


Jul 12, 2012
Heaven on Earth
i'm 5'10" and i use the m/l for evenings too...even for days sometimes...i find it super elegant...i'm sure you will have no problem pulling it off
Jan 22, 2012
Thanks everyone for all of your helpful responses! I really appreciate it. I feel much more comfortable purchasing the M/L now.