Is barenia going out of production?

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  1. I went to my local H store yesterday and since I want to try a 35 birkin (my first after my 30s) I asked "how about barenia" and she said "no, we would never get it, barenia is going out of production":wtf:

    Few days ago in Paris they told me barenia is more and more difficult to get.
    What's going on?
    Is it true or they just try to convince me to get an "easier" bag?
  2. Barenia is a HUGE mystery, IMO, we all get told different things..... Last year, my SM, told me that he could order ONE Barenia bag per year, so if I wanted one, we could order it......I didn't b/c he found me the Vache Birkin (:crybaby:) instead, before the Podium. Also my SA told me recently, that a lady who had ordered a Toile/Barenia Birkin in July 06, still hasn't received it! I was very lucky to find a pre-owned Barenia Birkin, recently, so I don't think I'll be looking for one, in the near future, (unless the spa in Paris damages that aswell....:wtf:) This is all I know....I think that if you really want a Barenia Birkin, maybe you should start looking for a pre-owned one, they are pretty expensive usually, but you never know, you could find one at a decent price!
  3. Hi duna, how much more is barenia than say clemence? I bought the tiny TPM barenia Evelyne and when compared to the PM clemence toile combo evelyne in the same store, the PM Evelyne costs less!
  4. I know for a fact Toile combo Evelynes cost less than full leather Clemence Evelynes.
  5. I'm no expert, but I think my SA told me that Berenia and Vache Naturelle are about 400 euros more than regular leathers (Clemence, Togo)
  6. I don't know, but I will ask my SM today. Will come back with info!
  7. Maybe they are using all the Barenia to make watch straps for the Cape Cod watches?

    I doubt they will discontinue Barenia altogether, since it is such a signature leather for H, but maybe they will just limit it's use to watch straps and certain small leather goods.

    I do know that the new bag designed with Yohji Yamamoto is available in Barenia, though in extremely limited quantities.
  8. On the resale market, you will notice a "barenia premium" of sorts - even though it generally only retails for a bit more than regular leathers, like clemence, barenia resale bags tend to sell for more because of the scarcity.
  9. Thanks Duns, Ms Piggy and Hermesmonkey! I was so surprised that a tiny weeny TPM cost more than the PM.
  10. Thanks for the information.
  11. Costa, I just PMed you!
  12. :flowers:Thank you all. An special thanks to luv2shophandbag:flowers:
  13. Actually my SA told me I can make an order for a Barenia 35, so is not going out of ptroduction.
    I think I would like a dark chocolate barenia.

    and I would really love to order barenia and crinoline comnination....
  14. I have heard that Barenia is just getting harder to find in the quality Hermes requires..this same answer was given when inquiring about Vache natural.. I certainly hope it will never be out of production it is a classic Hermes saddle leather after all....
  15. I asked my SA and she said that they have taken orders but customers have been waiting for years and no birkins have been delivered.