Is BalNY the only ones that know???

  1. I called the NM in Houston where I live to see what styles and colors they have ordered for Fall and the Sa didn't know so she transfered me to the Manager and she said she wouldn't know until around Father's Day?!!!!! How is this? Then I asked her what current stock they had and she said," We have 2 different blues, white, black, green..."! How does this help me when you don't know the styles or the color names? I guess I will have to go up there myself to see. How come a Manager doesn't have more info. on the handbags they sell? I just don't understand how they can help anyone when it's easier to just go see for your self. I felt like I educated her instead of the other way around!:cursing: I'm just frustrated! Does anyone know how I feel???:confused1:
  2. This happens almost everytime I call a NM. SO annoying and half the time they send me the wrong bag.
  3. Yeah, I don't understand why they don't do training to where they know the product they are selling! I wish I could do my job without knowing what I was doing and get commission off of it!:push:
  4. Most SA's are there just to collect a paycheck and dont bother learning about the bags they sell. I was at NM a while ago and the SA kept bringing out the wrong bags, so I had to give HER a bag lesson! She didnt even know the difference between the City and the Day! And she wasnt the only one, there were 3 others listening to me! Very frustrating.
  5. That's unbelievable!! It seems like not knowing about the bags you are selling would make them look bad and that they would loose business that way but I guess not since they still sell them.:shocked:
  6. i know, it's like pulling teeth! maybe if it was more of a boutique instead of a chain store, or if it's someone who's been there a long time, then they take the time to learn...

    but hello - it's not a cheap bag, they could probably sell a lot more and make more commission, if they knew what they were talking about once in a while!
  7. Well you also have to understand that the SAs for department stores don't work directly with their buyers. They are not automatically updated with info about the new season...most likely they will get a week or two heads up before they start receiving info.

    The buyers also tend to refer to different colors (and not the official Balenciaga colors). Since Balenciaga NY is the only store in the country, they are more familiar with the buy for their store and the inventory that they will be carrying.

    I work for a luxury company as well however since we have a few stores, everything is still well controlled. We are immediately updated of whatever the buy is like for the next season (usually 3-4 months between when the info is given and the actual delivery)...and that's a pretty good timeline.
  8. I'm a little biased about this one. You have to know that they are selling a whole bunch of brands, bags, etc. Memorizing all the bag names, all the colors it comes in (and previous colors), it's easier said than done.

    Also, there are those SAs who are there just so they can work part time, not really working for the money but to kill time. But every once in a while you'll find that SA who's really passionate about the bags that he/she will know all the answers to your questions.

    I have yet to meet an SA like that.
  9. INC, I hope I didn't offend you or anyone else that has this kind of job. But I wonder why they don't hire people for certain designers and then them stay in that department so they do get familiar with the styles and colors?!:confused1: I just know if I was in there shoes I would feel stupid if I couldn't answer someones questions and it seems like common sence that they would make more commission if they knew their stuff!
  10. Okay, the part where I said I wasn't offended got deleted.

    So no offense taken at all on my part! :smile:

    Well, to answer your question: they actually do have "specialists" for certain designer collections (not all!). Like my local NM has a YSL specialist, Ferragamo, etc. The thing is they can't just work in that department - it would be completely unfair since some designer collections would sell more than others. However, since most dept. stores have high turnover rate, the knowledge about each bag doesn't really stick...and those SAs who normally work there for a long time (I've noticed) are the ones who could careless.

    But again, even if they have a Balenciaga specialist, since NM associates don't normally have contact with their buyers, the amount of information that they are given tends to be a bit limited.

    I work at a store and not a dept. store so it's easier for
    me to retain info since I'm only focusing on one brand. Trust me, if there was a Balenciaga boutique here in D.C. I'll be waving adios to my current job.
  11. I ordered a day bag with GH from an NM in March, they sent me the flat messenger or whatever it is called. I called them when I saw it on my credt card statement because it was a lot less than it should have been....then the bag arrived a few days later and it was the messenger.......they got the right color though!:confused1:

    I dont mind mess-ups, but I wish each dept store that carried Balenciaga or any other brand, had a book from their buyer or something that showed styles and colors. It would make the phone work a lot easier because they have something to refer to.
  12. If SA's are getting a commission based on what WE buy, then they should take the time and get familiar with the products they sell. There is nothing more frustrating than incompetant SA's (not all, but many). If I find a bag I want, with no help or assistance from an SA then I take it to a different department so the SA in the bag dept doesnt get credit for the sale. At NM if you pay at a different dept then no credit gets given to the original department.

    To keep my job, I have to be familiar with EVERYTHING about all kinds of escrows. I make an effort to do that.

  13. High five!! All they would need to do is print out these two pages and laminate them:

    In fact, I think I remember someone saying they saw the above printouts somewhere (maybe even a NM). Not sure if LP is ok with that (copyright?).
  14. The SA at the Neiman Marcus Houston galleria don't know anything about bbags.... worse, they can't even tell apart blueberry from marine fromother blues etc.. they just call them blue LOL...

    I got frustrated so just ordered from BalNY (Plus no tax, free shipping)

    I think it's mostly due to 1 SA selling everything.. a SA at the bag dpt can sell shoes and clothes as well...

    They can't keep up with every item in the store...