Is Ballon Bleu here to stay?

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  1. I feel Cartier discontinues a lot of watches, Roadster, Pasha, and at one point Panthere. Tank to me is a classic and a staple in the Cartier product lineup. But how about Ballon Bleu. Do you think it's trendy design that might n
  2. Okay so I didn't finish my sentence and posted accidentally and now not sure how to edit lol

    To finish my last sentence, do you think the Ballon Bleu is a trendy design that might be discontinued, or is a classic here to stay?
  3. seems like a classic to me. Even if they don't produce it sometime in the future, it will still look classic IMO
  4. I don't know that it ever was trendy - I think it was supposed to be an instant classic. It certainly has outlasted the Calibre. I imagine it would stay in the line indefinitely. Roadster will probably come back some day - as will Pasha - they tend to bring these things back and forth.
  5. Im thinking to the get the BB in 33mm with diamond bezel. I do have the budget for it right now but 10k is a big purchase for me and I'm not sure if cartier watches are investments. I do like the design but Im not sure if they will hold their value as well as Rolex etc.