Is Balenciaga copying Celine's style now?

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  1. #1 Sep 21, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2012
    Hey guys! While shopping in Barneys yesterday, my friend and I saw some new Balenciaga cross body bag that looked JUST LIKE my Celine Nano! Now this morning, I got an email from Balenciaga, promoting their new python padlock bags.......upon opening it, I was shocked! Is this a clear Celine rip off? What do you guys honestly think???

    Here is another shot of the padlock bag....To me, this is a clear copy of Celine's style. I don't get it? Balenciaga has a style all it's own, why do bags that look like Celine Envelope Mini luggage bags?
  2. Oh dear...
    Yes, that is definitely at least Celine inspired.
    But I have seen a LOT of that going around from several designers being inspired by that bag.

    It's kind of a shame because I'm just not that into Celine at all. Just too structured for me.
    But I guess anything goes if they think they can make some $$$... :nogood:
  3. I don't know if that is really a new style. I could be wrong, but I seem to think that Bal has had a similar style in the past. I can't remember when though.
  4. i totally agree with you JULIE :nuts:, these bags are the exact copy of the envelope luggage !!i can't believe it ! balenciaga is slowly disappointing me :sad: ,instead of copying PHOEBE PHILO'S IDEAS , THEY SHOULD RE INTRODUCE THE GIANT 21 HARDWARE:blah::bagslap:
  5. [​IMG]

    this is very similar to the balenciaga bag that JULIE posted IMO
  6. I agree that it is very similar to the Envelope Luggage. I just can't remember if they had this style before. I for some reason believe that they have had the envelope front. The handles, the strap and the shape is definitely Celine.
  7. Thank you girls, I totally agree with you. Chloe, that new Balenciaga bag is a rip off the Celine envelope bag in my opinion. I don't get it. Balenciaga has a style all it's own! Why copy others? You are right, bring back giant hardware, and new styles with giant hardware!!!!
  8. exactly!!
  9. The padlock style is not new - I do believe it predates the luggage.
  10. It does.
  11. I don't think they're copying celine. It just looks like an updated version of the balenciaga lune bag from years ago.
  12. I don't know who came out with what first....but they look pretty identical to me. I agree with Chloeglamour! Bring back G21!
  13. I know Phillip lim designed a bag that was Celine inspired but he did it beautifully.


    That balenciaga however is almost a copy!
  14. Just googled lune and this is what came up


    I guess it might have been an updated version but you can't help thinking they stripped most of the metal parts to make it look more like the luggage.
  15. It's not only Balenciaga that has "similar" style has Celine though. I've seen other designer brands that try to "copy" Celine. Last night I was at the mall and passed by the Coach store and there I saw a Celine luggage tote look alike lol. :biggrin: SMH