Is safe and good?

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  1. I am gonna to buy my first B-bag. Thinking about from Saks (through phone call) or from, which is better? Official website is tax free :smile: Saks is giving gift card. Both of them, I don't know whether there will be scratches on the bag. I do not that baby my bags, but I do want it as new as it could be when I just get it.

  2. It's easier over the phone. There are no stores in Indiana that sell Balenciaga so I ordered one from a retailer over the phone. It's easier to pick your leather and see what colors are available - some stores have better selection than the web site. I've also ordered from HGBags and Real Deal Collection, which are also good places to try and they are tax free as well.
  3. I bought from and it was very easy, paid online and then it was shipped next day and sent me tracking info. I agree if you are picky about leather type though you should speak to a person who can send you photos.
  4. Does ship to Canada?
  5. I think they will (if not the stores will if you call) but be prepared to pay HORRIFIC customs fees.