iS BaLeNciaga CiTy WoRth To BuY???

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I really like balenciaga city in origan color.... i like that one for almost 1.5 years but til now i haven't purchased it.... it's because there are so mane fakes out there and it turns me off.... should i get it now because a lot of people said it's out of style already... so confuse!!! the other option is to get bottega veneta in old petra... which one would you choose if you were me???
    is balenciaga really worth to buy this time???

  2. Of course balenciaga is worth buying...we're all completely addicted to the amazing leathers and gorgeous colors that come out each season. Trust me when I say'll be hooked on bbags when you get your first one! Since origan is i believe 2 seasons ago..why don't you look at all the fabulous new colors coming out in August or maybe even the current colors...and maybe even choose between regular hardware or the new gold giant hardware...anyways you have alot of choices to make! Goodluck! :yahoo: ;)
  3. here are two great threads you can look through to see if you like anything:

    first of all we have all the available colors for this season in this thread and although the whole thread is with the new gold giant hardware..if you happen to like a certain color you can always get it in the regular hardware too!

    & in this next thread we have all the upcoming colors for the next season..and this time we have the option of the silver giant hardware...and the same this time as can always get a certain color in the regular hardware.

    goodluck and let us know what you decide on!
  4. It's worth buying for balenciaga bags due to the distressed leather and it ages over time but the leather is getting smooshy and even more nicer than u first bought it (which is new).....can u imagine a bag that can last for a few yrs said eg, those flat brass bag, it has lasted for 6 yrs and is still so strong and popular till now.......:smile:
  5. a big YES! it's one of the most worth buying bag in my entire collection :yes:
  6. yenny24, you should buy bags you love not what is "IN" :smile: If you decide to get a Bbag, you won't be sorry :yes: vbmenu_register("postmenu_2717359", true);
  7. i agree with the ladies. although there are lots of fake knock-offs out there of bbags, you'll know instantly that yours isnt and you learn to appreciate its craftsmanship even more. that even though it's an easy "style" to copy, they'll never get the details or the leather down. it would be insane not to fall in love with a bbag. with all its smooshiness and funky but sophisticated "city-like" style, ahh i wish i had more!!
  8. Bbags are without a doubt iconic bags.
    I'm in France,here,Charlotte Gainsbourg is very wellknown,and she's the model for Gerard Darel(his famous bag is named Charlotte),but what does she wears everyday:her Bbag!(She's also a very closed friend from Nicolas Ghesquière.)
    I'm upset with all fakes,but nothing can be compared to Bal. leather.
    It's the same for all famous brand:when you know the real,you can tell how the fake is:wacko:.
    You can't be wrong with Bottega,but if you dream of a City,hear your heart!
    Everywhere you can find someone to tell you that Hermès is too classical,Chanel a brand for old you really think it's true???It's the same for Balenciaga.I hope you'll understand my approx. english...
  9. I have this color and it is really a must have!
  10. I love my City. I steered clear of it for a few months as I thought it was too big for me (I don't carry much), but it's really perfect :smile: I'd def. suggest one :yes:

    btw, there's an Origan City on Anne's Fabulous Finds now for $1095.

    (I apologize in advance if I'm not allowed to write that :shame: )
  11. ^ Yes, I was just going to mention the origan city on AFF, too! It's a really nice one for a good deal considering its condition.

    that's a tough decision because I love BV too! and esp. in the color Old Petra! But I am more addicted to Balenciaga! ~so don't kill me everyone! :yes:
  12. Balenciaga NY still has an Origan City available
  13. I don't even wanna find out what other colors they still have left lying around.....I'll be in deeeep trouble!:nuts:

    yenny, you should carry/wear what you really want without caring about what other people think. I've been a loyal fan for 5 years since 02 when it was still tough to get Balenciaga, and I still love it just as much as I did back then.
  14. And has one.
  15. ThaNks so much for the opinion!!! now i'm confused wat color to get!! heheheheh :shrugs: