Is Balenciaga a good bag to match corporate wear?


Apr 9, 2010
Hi hi...i'm a relative newbie to Bal and kind of fell for it hard and have purchased several styles in different colours (mostly safe colours). The thing is sometimes i find difficulty in matching my bals to my work clothes because i work in a rather corporate culture and i wear alot of slim-fitting shift dresses (abit more formal) or silk flowy/structured dresses (when i want to look more womanly but still not too casual). Sometimes I wonder if Bal's style is too casual to match these clothes and i'm looking mismatched? Bal is definitely great for jeans/shorts/capris/casual dresses!

Appreciate any ideas from any office working ladies here - auditors, accountants, lawyers, consultants, bankers? How do you match your Bals to work clothes, and what style Bals do you carry?


Nov 1, 2008
I think Bals, in general, have more of a casual, rock-n-roll vibe... and, strictly speaking, I don't think they (especially the RH bag with their tassels) go particularly well with sharp corporate outfits.

Then again, there are no hard and fast rules to fashion, sometimes - and it's nice to toughen up a dress with an edgy Bal.

So, it depends on you. If you think it looks odd with your corporate outfits, and you like to always look sharp at work, then you won't feel comfortable toting around a Bal. (Having said that, I think you could get away with a GH bag, like a City.) If you like to mix and match looks, then I think it will work well.

I know lots of ladies here will tell you that they carry their Bals with their formal workwear. So it all depends on what you're comfortable with.


Jan 25, 2010
Hi there, I work in finance (financial analysis), I know what you're talking about ;)
Some of my bags would look too hippy-chic for work (like my 03 blue RH city). I usually wear them on friday (jeans are allowed on friday). I think you can't be wrong with black or anthra or a nice dark brown if you face a very conservative culture. I also think that the work style is pretty classy and look less casual than the city :smile:


May 14, 2008
I think Bals with GH works well with corporate outfits. Actually makes your whole look more interesting. I prefer to contrast a soft/corporate look with a bit of edge.
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Jun 15, 2010
I'm a corporate lawyer (so strictly speaking, should not be on here right now but that is a total aside :-s) - like the others said, its more about your perception of how the bag feels than what it actually looks like. However, I do work in very conservative and male oriented environment so I'd probably only go for a GCH city or work. I wasn't really a fan of the GCH before but the lace like detailing on the panels is elegant and the covered hardware keeps the impact but adds a subtlety to the bags. I tend to be in trouser suits more than dresses and think its easier to work a Bbag with a trouser suit than a dress when it comes to the office but the GCH and a nice neutral colour (blacks, browns and anthras of course but also maybe sthg like the Canard or BDR) should balance it out. Hope that helps :smile:
May 10, 2010
I work in the same environment as cupcakequeen - uber conservative, corporate, male-dominated, and have used my Black RGGH City on occasion and loved the way it added some interest to my usually very boring grey/black outfits. What made me think about Bal for work was seeing a lady on the tube with a Black GSH City and formal suit, and it looked fabulous - I think GH Bals are the handbag equivalent of power dressing :smile:

Actually for this reason I'm currently on the hunt for a Bal that is bigger than City and that I can use for work and when I need to carry A4 papers, because I do love the GH (see I will probably go for something like Anthra/Noix/Seigle because I rarely wear coloured clothing outside monochrome and very muted for work.

I think it also comes down to what you're comfortable with. I love GGH, and would very much like my next bag to be GGH, but I need to get myself comfy that gold doesn't look too blingy for me at work! :coolio:


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Apr 30, 2010
When I am Dressed for work (I'm usually in a pencil skirt and blouse or a shift dress) and I use a Bal (I also use my LV Melrose Ave.) I use my Black GGH City. It looks more formal than the other styles IMO.


Jan 15, 2009
I work in finance and carry everyday (almost unless it will rain) a Sahara GGH City.
It's good with dark suits or light colored pieces.

I would agree with most people here and say go for the Giant hardware with a classic color...


Oct 5, 2008
I guess the RH bags with the tassels may look a bit more casual sometimes, but like some already mentioned, it depends on how you look at them.

IMO, GH bags would be great for conservative settings. Perhaps a Black RGGH City?
I work in corporate finance and wear pant suits everyday. I have been using a CGH work and CGH mid day for the past few months, although I've recently decided that the mid day is a bit too slouchy so I've been pretty much solely using the work. I feel that the work has a bit more structure. I have to admit that I prefer my chloes for work and bals for casual/weekend, but I think CGH works nicely with professional attire.