Is Bal NY getting the Work in Blue-Grey?

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  1. For some reason I am suddenly craving a BIG bag, but I have had my City pre-order in forever now! Has anyone talked to Bal NY about the Work size in the blue-grey color? Or any word on the Part-Time?
  2. i don't think blue-greys are available until August, so you have some time to figure it out. sorry i'm no help! but i think the Part-time is cool.
  3. I think someone posted that they were not getting the Blue Grey in the Part Time.
  4. What about the Work size? Are the "offerings" from Aloha Rag out yet? Or are those just for the pre-fall colors? Bal NY thinks the blue-grey may come out in 2-3 weeks.

    Does anyone have both a Work AND City, and what do you recommend? I can fit my stuff in a City...I just like the idea of this color in a larger size I think. But the Work has no shoulder strap.
  5. yeppers, i've got both & don't mind the missing shoulder strap :smile:
  6. ET, i've pre-ordered the work and part-time in bleu-gris but i'm only getting one of them. it's time for me to get a work and catch up with bama-girl and all the other bbags gals with works!!!! so i say call them and pre-order them now :graucho: ;)
  7. yippy, i'm so happy you're joining the work club BooYah-girl :heart:
  8. Did you pre-order from Bal NY? Are they getting the Work in blue-grey, or did you order somewhere else?
  9. ET, yes, i waitlisted with BAL NY. i didn't want another city so i will try the work and the part-time and see which suits me better. although, i am really itching for the work style, bama-babe!
  10. LOL, i'm a terrible influence, i've been a bad, bad girl!!! :noggin:
  11. Okay, I called Joseph about the Work, etc. (poor Joseph, I am driving him crazy!) and they are getting the Work in blue-grey, but not the Part Time, AND they are getting the Mid-Afternoon in the blue-grey, I am now on the list for ALL of them! Basically I am on the pre-order for the City, and he will call on the others. I need to see a Mid-Afternoon ON someone first, but I may do that one. It's quite different. It's so hard to choose! But I am starting to think my City is too small for a "bigger" bag.
  12. ETenebris, do you know how much is the mid afternoon ;)
  13. I think it is $1195...same price as the City. That is the smaller of the two "Afternoon" bags.
  14. Thx alot!